Invents Introduces "Wildlife Tracker", Reduce Collisions Of Wildlife And Vehicles

The amazing Wildlife Tracker greatly reduces the incidence of collisions between vehicles and wildlife.

In many areas the collision of wildlife and motorists is a real threat. Having warning of wildlife in the area can give drivers a sense of confidence; a lower level of anxiety and stress; and save the lives of both the motorists and the wildlife. The Wildlife Tracker can give motorists this warning of wildlife in the area. It is an electronic device designed to detect the presence of animals such as deer, moose, and cattle, advising the driver of the threat through both an audible and visual emergency warning. The completely portable Wildlife Tracker is useful not only for motorists, but also for bicyclists, motorcyclists, and truckers. Outdoor enthusiasts such as campers hikers, hunters, and anglers should also find the Wildlife Tracker useful, as well as wildlife researchers, photographers, and biologists, who can use the system not to avoid wildlife, but to seek it out.

The Wildlife Tracker is equipped with a bright non-glare touchscreen display (featuring split screen mode and voice command), two audio speakers, and an adjustable pivoting rear-mount bracket for clipping the unit to the bottom of a rear-view mirror. (The device can also be mounted to a motorcycle or bicycle.)  When an animal is detected, the processor determines if the object is an animal and what type of animal, as well as the animal's precise location and distance from the vehicle. The display screen of a real-time GPS map “pings” audibly and a brightly lit animal icon lights up to indicate the animal's exact position. One of three colored lights indicate the imminence of the for “safe”, yellow for “warning” and red for “danger”.

"The Wildlife Tracker gives motorists warnings of potential dangers on the road from rushing wildlife such as deer, moose and cattle. The electronics in the tracker allows the driver to use the system to avoid wildlife. It works just as well for outdoor enthusiasts who are not on 'wheels' such as researchers, campers, hikers, hunter and others."

Kevin O Kane and Debbie Seeler, Inventors

The Patent Pending Wildlife Tracker was invented by Kevin O Kane and Debbie Seeler of Wheeling, IL, who said, “Verbal warnings are also issued. Should the threat of collision be imminent, the verbal warning shifts from a calm advisory mode to a commanding and immediate alarm mode.The Wildlife Tracker system might also be incorporated into the design and function of vehicular GPS units and perhaps into a software application for GPS-equipped smartphones.”

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