Invents Introduces "Magnetic Dinnerware", Prevent Spills When Not Dining At A Table

The amazing Magnetic Dinnerware consists of heavy duty magnetic rings that securely adhere dishes and silverware for transport.

Many celebrations, events, and gatherings require one to stand with or to carry the food and drink on plates, utensils, and cups, instead of sitting at a table. This can result in a disasterous scenario, especially for those who are uncoordinated. One way to prevent spillage and mess is with the Magnetic Dinnerware. A line of ceramic dinnerware, the Magnetic Dinnerware is inlaid with heavy duty magnetic rings on which silverware and other utensils can be securely adhered via a magnetic attraction. With the Magnetic Dinnerware, users can securely transport silverware along with their dishes, as well as secure various dishes together. The Magnetic Dinnerware is offered in a range of colors and patterns to accommodate various home decors, institutional uses, and serving needs.

The Patent Pending Magnetic Dinnerware was invented by Travis Dixon of North Hollywood, CA, who said, “The Magnetic Dinnerware includes plates, bowls, coffee mugs and demitasse saucers, each with a heavy duty, magnetic fastener that secures utensils to the actual plate, so that they don't slide. Heavy duty neodymium magnets are used in the line. Neodymium magnets are the most widely used rare earth magnets and are the strongest type of permanent magnets available for commercial and household use. These magnets are in the form of circular rings that are centrally positioned in the base of the individual pieces, as well as run the perimeter of each.”

"The benefit of magnetic attraction is evident in Magnetic Dinnerware. This unique dishware is valuable on the table, on one's lap at an outdoor picnic or even when riding in a vehicle. Dishes, silverware and all stay put and do not slide. Magnetic Dinnerware comes in various patterns and colors and it works great."

Travis Dixon, Inventor

The inventor added, “Each piece in the line features two or more magnetic fasteners, thus encompassing the vast surface of the item and allowing for multiple areas on which to secure utensils and other items. These magnets are encased within the material of the plate, cup or bowl itself, discreetly hidden from view.”

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