Invents Introduces "Kidney Shape Bicycle Seat For Men", Males Cycle In Comfort

The Bicycle Seat, Kidney Shape For Men provides males with heightened comfort and support while cycling because it is designed to accommodate the male anatomy.

Male cyclists, does the single platform bicycle seat cause pressure, discomfort and overall pain? Need a more comfortable bicycle seat? The Bicycle Seat, Kidney Shape For Men is the answer. The Bicycle Seat, Kidney Shape For Men is a specially designed bicycle seat that is specifically tailored to accommodate the male anatomy. It alleviates the pressure and discomfort men experience with single platform bicycle seats. Produced as an aftermarket accessory or integrated onto new bicycles at the point of manufacture, the Bicycle Seat, Kidney Shape For Men is universal in design to accommodate any bicycle model.

Constructed of a hard, sturdy plastic base, the Bicycle Seat, Kidney Shape For Men is padded with foam for comfort and covered with a durable, yet flexible leather material. Rounded curves extend from the back to form a kidney-shaped design and the front has an open inner curve. The rear portion gives solid support for the buttocks and back. Stemming from the bottom of the seat is a support rod which allows the seat to be attached to a bicycle. This rod is designed to post to the desired height level of the rider.

"Riding a bike can be distressing for a male; having a seat that accommodates their anatomy is the secret. The "kidney" style shape seat makes for a comfortable ride and it doesn't matter whether one is cycling on trails, highways, or in one's own exercise room, the physical comfort is there."

Justin Hyppolite, Inventor

The Patent Pending Bicycle Seat, Kidney Shape For Men was invented by Justin Hyppolite of Brooklyn, NY, who said, “The Bicycle Seat For Men can be offered in small, medium, large, and extra large sizes and can be manufactured in a wide variety of colors. Also, this seat can be manufactured to fit onto stationary exercise bikes for those who prefer indoor workouts.”

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