Invents Introduces "Doggy Eeze", Keep Doggie Poo Easy To Collect & Drop Into Waste Bin

The Amazing Doggy Eeze is a more sanitary way to collect and dispose of a dog's waste.

Most pet owners love their dogs and know the many advantages of having a pet, but they also know that one of the disadvantages is collecting and disposing the dog's waste. The Doggy Eeze makes this unpleasant task simple, quick and hands free. Also, with Doggy Eeze one does not have to bend over or stoop on knees. Similar in used to disposable diapers, the Doggy Eeze is applied over the dog's buttocks and has an expandable collection pouch which extends over the anus and directly below the tail. The Doggy Eeze can be produced in a variety of colors and in a range of sizes for use with miniature, toy, standard and large breed dogs.

The Patent Pending Doggy Eeze was invented by Sundra Dorsett of Brooklyn, NY, who said, “Manufactured primarily of sanitary paper material, the Doggy Eeze is backed with soft, flexible plastic. It is placed over the dog's hind quarters and rests over the back. The Doggy Eeze is wrapped around the dog's tail and secured in place in front of its hind legs with a set of lightweight strap fasteners. These fasteners are easily tied together for a secure, customized, and comfortable fit. The base of the Doggy Eeze has an expandable material which forms a pouch into which waste matter is deposited. The waste matter is kept away from the dog's body and also tells one that the dog has defecated.”

"Dog lovers will quickly see the benefit of the Doggy Eeze. No bending or stooping and disposal - all hands free. Neighbors and others using the sidewalks and parks will appreciate Doggy Eeze too."

Sundra Dorsett , Inventor

The inventor added, “One of the many advantages of using the Doggy Eeze is that it is environmentally friendly. It helps to keep neighborhood sidewalks, parks, and home landscapes clean and free of unwanted waste. Another advantage is that if Doggy Eeze is used when the dog is indoors, carpeting and floors are protected from pet stains. Not only pet owners, but also dog-walkers, professional veterinarians, groomers, and care providers should also find Doggy Eeze valuable.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Development of this product is being handled by Invents Company. For more information about licensing or sale, contact the Licensing Department at Invents Company, 450 7th Avenue, Suite #1107 New York, NY 10123. Tel: 212-620-2629 The product website of the Doggy Eeze is

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