Invents Company Unveils The "Flower Wheel" That Creates Beautful Fancy Faux Flowers

The Flower Wheel is a crafting tool that quickly and easily creates fancy faux flowers for a variety of uses and is a perfect accessory or aid that every crafter will appreciate.

Craft enthusiasts, now there is a practical decorating tool that creates fancy faux flowers which can be used in a variety of ways. Create beautiful faux flowers from spools of wire-edged ribbon with the specially designed crafting tool- the Flower Wheel.

Circular in shape, the Flower Wheel measures about 5 inches in height and 7 ¾ inches in diameter. Manufactured of polished wooden material with metal and/or plastic components, it has soft felt on the bottom to protect delicate surface areas. In the center of the Flower Wheel is a circular wheel where the flowers are crafted. Perpendicularly mounted in the center of the wheel is a sturdy, removable slotted dowel. A series of integrated fingertip grooves are evenly spaced and radiate from the center of the wheel. The wheel turns clockwise or counterclockwise. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer interest in the Flower Wheel.

The Flower Wheel is exceptionally esy to use and the beautiful flowers from spools of ribbon are unbelievable and supply fancy flowers for a variety of uses from bridal to baby showers, decor for special events and more.

Estella Pegues, Inventor

The Patent Pending Flower Wheel was invented by Estella Pegues of Chicago, IL, who said, “Using the Flower Wheel is very simple and straight forward. Just cut the wire-edged ribbon to the desired length then knot the end. Gather the ribbon down to the knot and slide the knot over the unit's slotted dowel to secure the ribbon in place. Then, simply rotate the wheel about its axis simultaneously wrapping the gathered ribbon about the wheel's integrated grooves in a spiral fashion. One can also measure the ribbon out from the dowel and fold back to the dowel, depending on the type of flower one is making. Two hand-held tools for designing the flowers- a wire pick and a ribbon pick – are kept in a convenient drawer in the bottom of the unit, along with the dowel.”

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