Invents Company Releases 'The Fob Watch/Bracelet': Open Sesame is the Way to Go When Using This Device.

Specialty items are common in all categories and this new item is perfect for all users. The Fob Watch/Bracelet is a watchband or bracelet that not only secures one's wristwatch, but also features a built-in, secure carrier for easily carrying and accessing one's wireless-entry key fob – without having to reach into one's purse or pockets. Cleverly combining two essentials of modern life into one simple invention, the Fob Watch/Bracelet should appeal strongly to all consumers who wear a watch or bracelet and carry key fobs during their daily activities. Not only multifunctional and stylish, the Fob Watch/Bracelet could also inspire and create increased security entry methods into buildings, homes, and more.

The Fob Watch/Bracelet is produced in both wristband and watchband versions, in styles suitable for both men and women. The bands are fabricated in a sturdy, flexible thermoplastic polymer; in a woven synthetic fiber and in most respects of styling, clasps, quality, durability and appearance, both the wristband and the watchband resemble other bands. The distinctive feature of the Fob Watch/Bracelet is its inclusion on the upper surface of the band of a sturdy, permanently mounted sleeve, strap, pouch, or ring that secures the key fob in place. The Fob Watch/Bracelet is produced in a variety of colors and with a variety of embellishments to more strongly appeal to either male or female consumers. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Fob Watch/Bracelet.

The Fob Watch/Bracelet is Patent Pending and was invented by Aldo Ortiz of Elgin, IL who said, “This product provides users with the essential key fob always within reach and ready when needed most. It is stylish and looks good without the user needing to ‘search’ for the key at any time much less an inopportune time. It works perfectly and looks great too.”

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Source: Invents Company

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