Invents Company Introduces "Yo Tommy Pole" For Dedicated Ice Fishermen

The Yo Tommy Pole for avid ice fishermen keeps the rod eyes or line-guides free of ice while fishing making for a comfortable and enjoyable time on the ice.

Ice fishermen know that below freezing temperature can cause the line-guides or eyes of the fishing rod to become choked with ice, which can snap a mono-filament fishing line. The Yo Tommy Pole solves this problem with a unique, battery-powered heating system designed to keep the rod eyes or line-guides free of ice.

The Yo Tommy Pole can be produced in multiple variations, from ultra-lights to light-action, medium-action, and heavy-action. The lengths of the rods extend from 24 inches to as much as 16 feet. The butt or grip section has twist-locking reel seats with stainless steel hoods. The grip or rod butt is hollow and has a snap-cap or threaded-cap battery compartment. A push-button power control in the base activates an electrical-resistance heating circuit, which conducts electricity around and through a small-diameter wire soldered to and around the line-guides. This current flow, through the resistance of the wire, heats up the line-guides, preventing ice formation. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer interest in the Yo Tommy Pole.

"This has been a long time coming but is finally here. The battery-powered motorized reels or two-section rods or telescoping rods are kept free of ice while waiting and hoping for a strike from a big fish."

Bill Nelson, Inventor

The Patent Pending Yo Tommy Pole was invented by Bill Nelson, Tom Vavercan, and Charles Bullock of Hammond, IN, who said, “The Yo Tommy Pole can have several variations, such as automatic, battery-powered motorized reels or two-section rods or telescoping rods. There can be a hand-warmer or an LED flashlight in the grip or strike-indicator rod-tips.”

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