Invents Company Introduces "Wireless Bag-A-Meter With Product Weight"

New luggage features Wireless Bag-A-Meter With Product Weight allowing one to enjoy traveling without worry. Better yet, missing or lost luggage can be tracked with a GPS feature.

Traveling, especially by plane, can be a stressful experience! Bags can be lost. Extra money may have to be paid for overweight baggage. Someone may tamper with the suitcase. Items inside the suitcase may spill, ruining the other things in the suitcase. Trying to distinguish one's luggage from all of the others can be very time consuming. Now, imagine a product that can solve these problems, enabling one to relax and enjoy the trip. A specially designed suitcase,The Wireless Bag-A-Meter With Product Weight has an integrated scale and moisture detector within the bottom of the unit and an LCD display of the contained weight along with a designated lit up location of the owner's name and address and GPS. Also included is a security camera with a warning display which is activated when the bag is opened. All of these features can also be incorporated not just in a suitcase, but for a carry-on and backpack.

The Wireless Bag-A-Meter With Product Weight has all of the convenient features of a standard suitcase, carry-on or backpack, but what sets it apart is its unique features. It can weigh any contents placed within, giving the total true weight of the bag and its contents. It can be easily tracked with the GPS tracking device. Two Key Pads about the size of a credit card input information as well as receive pictures from the security camera if the bag is opened. On this Key pad is a button to light up the name and address tags if the user depresses the button. One can simple push the name tag button, lighting up the name and address tag (flashing/pulsating light) for the user to easily see and retrieve the bag. If something spills inside, the moisture detector sends an alert to the Key pad. A distress signal is also available for the user to signal for assistance. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer interest in the Wireless Bag-A-Meter With Product Weight.

"The Wireless Bag-A-Meter With Product Weight allows a traveler to relax and enjoy the flight without worry about overweight or lost baggage and more. It works!"

Frank Williams, Inventor

The Patent Pending Wireless Bag-A-Meter With Product Weight was invented by Frank Williams of Houston, TX, who said, “With the Wireless Bag-A-Meter With Product Weight, a traveler can relax and enjoy the flight. There is no worry about overweight baggage, spills inside a bag, others opening it or lost luggage.”

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