Invents Company Introduces "Gravel Soil Separator Cap", Make Concrete Mixing Simple And Avoid Waste

The Gravel Soil Separator Cap saves time, labor, and conserves materials when using a cement mixer.

Those who do construction and remodeling, whether a professional or do-it-yourselfer, know that when using concrete mixers many times material and time are wasted trying to separate materials such as soil, sand, and gravel. Now there is a new product that saves time and labor and also conserves materials that would otherwise be wasted. The Gravel Soil Separator Cap is a tough and durable, form-fitting screen, sieve, or sifter, designed to fasten securely and removably over the mouth of a portable manual or electrically powered cement mixer. It enables one who is working with undifferentiated materials (soil, sand, and gravel mixtures) to quickly and efficiently separate the materials according to size.

The Gravel Soil Separator Cap can be produced with a series of larger or smaller diameter mesh-grid screen to enable one to sift variously sized materials. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer interest in the Gravel Soil Separator Cap. 

"The Gravel Soil Separator Cap is easily affordable and easy to use. A money and resource saving device, the Gravel Soil Separator Cap eliminates the waste of perfectly good gravel and soil because it separates the two, cleaning the soil of any hard particles and effectively enabling one to reuse both the gravel and soil (or sand)."

Gerardo Gallego, Inventors

The Patent Pending Gravel Soil Separator Cap was invented by Gerardo Gallegos of San Jacinto, CA, who said, “The Gravel Soil Separator Cap is perfect for the smaller concrete and landscaping jobs that involve wheelbarrow-sized loads of sand soil, and gravel. It is ideal for construction firms specializing in residential construction and remodeling, as well as for those do-it-yourselfers who undertake their own repairs, additions, and renovations. ”

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