Inventor Simenona Martinez Releases Latest Book of Cutting-Edge Studies and Innovations

Author Simenona Martinez continues prolific book series in art, comedy and prose

The Studies and Innovations of Simenona Martinez : Vol. 5

Simenona Martinez, founder and CEO of Anonemis Research, has released a book highlighting much of her scientific research entitled The Studies & Innovations of Simenona Martinez Volume 4 and Volume 5. 

A must-read for anyone with an interest in the field. Simenona's book is a refreshingly original take on innovation, and it displays her vision of possibilities for the next wave of tech. Simenona is at the forefront of cutting-edge scientific and technological advancements, and the book is full of relevant findings and information.

The Studies & Innovations is a compilation of reports, innovations, essays, and plans ranging from behavioral science, psychology and politics to mobile and information technology, emergency response and government affairs. Readers are sure to be intrigued and impressed by Simenona's latest release, as she delves into a vast realm of ideas and fields, and giving insight into how a genius brain truly works.

Simenona is an entrepreneur with her hands in a variety of fields. She is the founder and president of Sioni Academy, which focuses on developing self-esteem and self-confidence in children. Her production company, Sioni Entertainment, is known for producing documentaries and public service announcements for various charity and non-profit organizations. In addition, she is the creator and CEO of Certainly Her Magazine, which is an online resource that focuses on empowering women. 

Simenona Martinez has recently published new books, which are available now on Amazon and other book retailers: The Misspellings of Simenona: Volume 6 and In The Interests of Comedy Volume 5.

The Misspellings, Volume 5 is an exhilarating collection of free writing and prose poetry. Simenona's style is one that is all her own, unique and expressive. Readers will be drawn to the cognitive flow and beauty of each piece.

Captured Unknown is a collection of photography; readers can expect to be intrigued by the author's talent for capturing the world around her, Volume 1-5.

Simenona is also the owner of Scigenity Tech, which specializes in cutting-edge advancements in the field of technology. In 2018, she also established Anonemis Research, an R&D firm that focuses on scientific discovery in a variety of subjects. Her companies are all subsidiaries of her holding company Anonemis, LLC.  She has published a total of 33 books since 2018.

Source: Anonemis Research, LLC


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