Inventor Simenona Martinez Releases Breakthrough Book in Science and Technology

The Alma Project by Simenona Martinez

Author and inventor, Simenona Martinez, recently released her latest book, entitled The Alma Project, which highlights an important breakthrough in medical innovation. This is her fifth book published in 2021, and her 24th book overall, all of which were completed since 2018.

The Alma Project is a neurological training treatment approach and software solution designed to treat complex post-traumatic stress syndrome (C-PTSD) in patients with KLS, OCD and Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is helpful in treating veterans, refugees, and victims of violence, war or sex crimes.

It is a major advancement in research and development for the treatment of these conditions, which is very significant, due to the current state of limited options for patients affected by these circumstances. Simenona is committed to further advancements in the fields of science, medicine, and technology. She has been at the forefront of cutting-edge approaches since she founded Anonemis Research in 2019. She has also created various inventions, as well as designed medical and military equipment, and has innovated several new forms of science.

In addition to The Alma Project, Simenona has also released the following books in 2021: The Studies and Innovations of Simenona Martinez: Volume 3, which is a collection of various scientific and technological inventions, designs and devices,  In The Interests of Comedy: Vol. 3, a comedic collection of writing, The Misspellings of Simenona: Volume 4, a compilation of poetry and prose, and Anonemis IX, which is the 9th Volume in her series of art books.

Simenona has established herself as force in various fields, showcasing her intellect, and broad range of expertise. She is an accomplished actress, singer, writer, inventor, painter, recording artist, songwriter, music producer, philosopher, behavioral scientist, model, scholar, public speaker, entrepreneur, speech writer, strategist and artist.



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