Introducing Wildsyde Vintage-Inspired Electric Cruiser Bikes to the U.S.

​​​​​Wildsyde’s new vintage-inspired electric cruiser bikes are the perfect lifestyle “e” solution this summer. E-bikes are ideal for pedaling to work, bar, game, or beach. With the retro styling of an old motorcycle and built with cutting-edge technology, Wildsyde’s pedal-assisted eCruisersTM let riders raise their cool factor, not their body temp.

According to the market research firm NPD, e-bikes are the fastest growing category in bikes, totaling $77.1 million in 2017, up 91 percent over the previous year.  A study of e-bikers conducted by the National Institute for Transportation and Communities (NITC) found that 59 percent of respondents rode their standard bikes weekly or daily prior to getting an e-bike, and subsequently 91 percent of those same riders reported riding weekly or daily on their e-bikes.

The NITC researchers found that many of the trips taken on e-bikes replace trips that would otherwise have been taken by car, suggesting that e-bikes also have the potential to reduce emissions and traffic congestion. Nearly 65 percent of respondents said one reason they purchased an e-bike was to reduce car trips.

The Beast is one of three Wildsyde models being introduced to the U.S. market. It’s fitted with a 36v/13aAh Samsung battery and a 500Wh Bafang rear-drive motor to keep riders moving quickly and efficiently. The long-lasting battery is engineered for an average distance of 25 to 35 miles. The larger, 26”x 4” tires are adventure ready to tackle all terrain.

As a Class 1 electric bike, the Wildsyde Beast has 5 power zones and can reach a speed of 20 mph. The 7-speed Shimano mechanical shifter allows the rider to exert as much or as little effort as desired. Most eCruisers come equipped with a governor that limits their top speed, keeping the bikes path-legal.  

With 25+ years in the active sports market, owner Paul Hields knows how to design great products. His passion has evolved, from skiing to mountain biking to road biking, and now to e-biking. “With e-bikes, we are embarking on an expedition that opens our minds to the simpler things in life,” he says. “Everyday life can be taxing. We are  focusing our energy on creating new experiences.”

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Source: Wildsyde


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