Wildsyde® Ebikes Answer Bike Demand With Responsive Supply Chain Forecasting and New Models

Wildsyde E-Cruiser Shadow

A new delivery of Wildsyde® vintage electric bicycles has arrived, with new models and upgrades for 2021. Despite the massive shortage of ebikes across the country, this is great news for customers who want to swap their cars and rising gas prices for an ebike. Ebikes make the most of being outdoors again and a healthier lifestyle — without the wait.

With strategic forecasting, Wildyde worked for 18 months to ensure it could meet the new demands of the bike market. During the pandemic, the company added new dealers, a new website, and two ranges of ebikes for both leisure and commuting — both offer exceptional comfort and style for relaxed easy cruising, fun and adventure.

Since 2018, the American ebike company, Wildsyde LLC, has been serving customers with its uniquely distinctive and seriously cool, head-turning ebikes, specifically designed to make its customers stand out from the rest.

The original motorcycle-inspired Wildsyde® Vintage E-Cruisers range has been revamped for 2021 and now includes a powerful 48v 20ah battery producing 960wh, with a cruising range of up to 50 miles, color-coordinated full-length front and rear fenders, an integrated rear rack, hydraulic disc brakes with motor inhibitors, oversized headlight and taillight, and a Class 2 ebike thumb throttle. There's a powerful 500w motor to get riders going, while the hydraulic discs brakes efficiently bring them to a stop.  Available in three models in eight stunning colorways: "THE BEAST" — an adventurous, all-terrain, fat-tire cruiser; "HUNNI BUNNI" — a fun-loving, stylish, beach cruiser; and "SHADOW" — a highly versatile, go-anywhere, street and path cruiser.

New this year is the Wildsyde® Vintage E-Classics range for easy commuting and cruising, starting now with two models available in five colorways: "PAREE" — a street-loving runabout, with a low step-through, light, ergonomic frame; and "ROAM" — a sleek city classic, with a step-over frame and retro-styling. 

With an average price of $4.98 a gallon at the gas pump and a full tank of gas at $70, or two full tanks at $140, that's an average loss of $478.08 a month. Time and money evaporate, not to mention the impact on the environment and long traffic delays. E-Cruisers save money at the pump and time on the road.

Wildsyde E-Cruisers offer the look and cool factor of a vintage motorcycle to meet demand, conserve money, park easily, and get to work on time.

Beth Cochran
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Source: Wildsyde