Introducing the Latest Innovation in Reinforced Natural Turf Technology

An Exceptional Development from Act Global, Bonar Yarns and Dywilan

Xtreme Grass Hybrid Turf, a development manufactured between Act Global and Dywilan, is the latest development for Reinforced Natural Turf (RNT) Systems, which features the most advanced yarn technology from Bonar Yarns.

This new system features Bonar Yarns high quality MN Ultra™, MN Slide™ and MN Spine™ fibres; as well as two highly durable (carpet backing) PP Weft Yarns, all of which were produced in a natural green colour, even the woven backing yarns, to match with the overall system surface – a unique aspect to this incredibly progressive technology.

Xtreme grass has the ability to reinforce natural grass’ playability properties combined with the durability of synthetic turf. The synthetic fibres help stabilise and protect natural grass, improving growth and increasing the life expectancy of the grass surface; as well as reducing playing damage. The reinforced natural turf system helps natural grass grow better, stronger and last longer to provide multiple benefits for field managers, maintenance, operations, players and coaches.

The combination of three monofilament yarns, (MN Ultra™, MN Slide™ and MN Spine™) offer a unique balance of durability, resilience and skin friendliness to meet the highest standards for professional level sport. The dual power of the PP Weft yarns ensures excellent carpet stability, yarn durability and skin friendliness – plus extra resilience that allows the individual synthetic fibres within the Hybrid System to ‘bounce back,’ when flattened, to an upright position.

The combined elements of this project also allow 100% end of life recycling, meaning that not only is this an environmentally sound project but one which is focused on sustainability. Other benefits of the new technology include:

  • Simple Installation
  • Faster, Stronger, more Natural Growth
  • Optimal ground Compaction
  • Longer Growing Season
  • Efficient Repairs and Replacement
  • Typical Natural Field Maintenance
  • Providing a Uniform Playing Surface
  • Highly Durable = More playing Hours
  • Improved ground Cover

The system will reinforce full field installations or high wear zones, such as football goal mouths or centre field. It can be used for football, rugby, soccer, baseball, golf and other sports to enhance the aesthetics and durability of the natural turf.

This is a great development for the synthetic turf industry, providing further alternatives for sports which are not prepared to opt for a fully synthetic turf field.