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With the launch of the APR Plus program, Foreign Affairs Motorsport can do more for motor enthusiasts in the Pompano Beach area - Foreign Affairs Motorsport has endorsed both Dinan and APR performance parts. Dinan has always been the only company that promises to never void a product warranty, and now with the recent acquisition of APR, a similar promise is being made.

APR Plus Program

Foreign Affairs Motorsport is proud to announce that the Foreign Affairs Motorsport family will be able to do more for clients in the Pompano Beach area. With the recent acquisition of APR by Dinan comes the new APR Plus program. For many years, Foreign Affairs Motorsport has always made use of both Dinan and APR performance parts in the workshop due to the consistent caliber and superiority of the aftermarket performance parts engineered by both companies.

For the longest period of time, Dinan has been the only company that promised to not void the product warranty on a performance part if it had to break. However, now that Dinan has acquired APR, APR has started to offer a warranty on their products. The warranty states that if the performance part breaks due to a fault on the APR performance part, it will be replaced.

The benefits to motor enthusiasts are limitless with the new APR Plus performance parts warranty. It's great value, allowing motor enthusiasts to spend money on their true passion in life - motorsports.


The APR Plus program is an expansion of the current warranty program which gives motor enthusiasts a little more bang for their buck. With a limited powertrain warranty program in place that is more affordable to all, motor enthusiasts are able to tune their vehicles to their hearts' content. As Foreign Affairs Motorsport is an authorized dealer for both Dinan and APR, motor enthusiasts can rest assured that the Foreign Affairs Motorsport family will honor the APR performance parts warranty as well as the current Dinan performance parts promise in line with the requirements for both companies.

The APR Plus program supports more performance modifications, delivers more power for those seeking a thrill and is now widely available for more vehicles than ever before. All engine hardware that is compatible for APR stage 1, such as exhaust systems, intakes, etc., will be given the necessary support service as part of the new APR Plus program. The best part is that Foreign Affairs Motorsport will be able to do it all for you! As an authorized dealer for APR performance parts, Foreign Affairs Motorsport will be able to give motor enthusiasts the necessary support for APR products if they are covered by the APR plus program. This program will also give enthusiasts the necessary support for transmission hardware and software as well as for various components such as brakes, suspension, and even wheels.

Foreign Affairs Motorsport has current and future motor enthusiasts covered. With the new APR plus program, now is the best time to upgrade the performance and styling of your ride. Enjoy all of the thrill with less expenditure and more peace of mind knowing that the performance parts used are covered under the APR performance parts warranty.

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