Introducing Aloha Feet, the Fidget for Your Feet

Pair of Aloha Feet

Aloha Consolidated LLC, a company dedicated to providing customers with unique fidget products, this week announced the launch of Aloha Feet, "the fidget for your feet."

Aloha Feet is the fidget for your feet. It is an insole with bumps so the bottoms of your feet can stay active and satisfied while you go about your day.

Our goal at Aloha Feet is to provide a product that people can enjoy anytime and anywhere while not disturbing others.

Julie Alvarez, Founder, Aloha Consolidated LLC

While fidgets for hands have been extremely popular over the years, Aloha Feet is launching a fidget specifically for the feet. Aloha Feet is poised to revolutionize the fidget industry by focusing attention to feet.

Like a lot of fidgets, Aloha Feet can help with concentration and focus. But unlike other fidgets, Aloha Feet is discreet as it can easily be inserted into and removed from shoes. It is not distracting to others since it is inserted into shoes. Traditional fidgeters have become a distraction in the classroom and the workplace. Aloha Feet successfully addresses the problems faced by today’s fidgeters.

  • Aloha Feet is a fidget insole designed for the feet
  • Aloha Feet is discreet and can be inserted into shoes
  • Aloha Feet does not distract others
  • Aloha Feet has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign

To help introduce its new foot fidget invention, Aloha Consolidated LLC has launched Aloha Feet on Kickstarter, the renowned crowdfunding company.

"We're really excited to be able to introduce Aloha Feet to the public through a Kickstarter campaign," says Aloha Feet inventor Julie Alvarez. "Now more people than ever can fidget effectively and discreetly no matter their age or location."

"Our goal at Aloha Feet is to provide a product that people can enjoy anytime and anywhere while not disturbing others," said Alvarez.

For more information, contact Aloha Consolidated LLC at 888-709-3730, or by visiting

Source: Aloha Consolidated, LLC

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