A Fidget for Your ... Feet?

Aloha Feet pays attention to your feet for a change

Aloha Feet

Aloha Consolidated, LLC is proud to introduce Aloha FeetTM, The Fidget For Your FeetTM. Many people have seen those hand fidgets that mesmerize (and distract) students and co-workers everywhere. Well now there is a way to fidget discreetly without disturbing others. Aloha Feet is a foot fidget insole that one can use anywhere and anytime one has the need to fidget.

Each Aloha Feet insole has 294 nubs and 134 ventilation holes specifically designed to stimulate the feet in a way that helps one to focus and concentrate on whatever task is at hand.

Yes! A fidget for your feet makes so much sense! Now your hands are free to do what they need to do.

Julie Alvarez, Founder

Aloha Feet is easy to use and clean. Each insole can be cut down to size with scissors if needed. Simply slip the flexible nub-filled insole into your shoe and fidget away. One can even use Aloha Feet without shoes. After a while, the feet feel as if they have gotten an amazing foot massage.

A mom of three children came up with the idea as a way to keep her kids' fidgety feet busy while the kids finish homework or have a family meal at the table. Aloha Feet is a sensory innovation that everyone can enjoy.

Visit www.alohafeet.com for more information.

Source: Aloha Consolidated, LLC

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