Intratec Discloses Costs of Sodium Polyacrylate Production

New report details capital investment and operating costs of a sodium polyacrylate plant

Intratec Solutions LLC, leading provider of chemicals and utilities pricing data and production cost reports, is pleased to announce a new report examining the costs of production of sodium polyacrylate.

The report presents an up-to-date, detailed cost analysis of sodium polyacrylate production from glacial acrylic acid and sodium hydroxide. In this process, acrylic acid is partially neutralized by sodium hydroxide, yielding a solution of sodium acrylate monomers, which is subsequently polymerized to sodium polyacrylate. The study may be extended with optional analyses, such as economic analysis for different capacities, utilities consumption breakdown, and analyses providing capital and production costs in several countries.

The new study is now part of the Intratec portfolio of more than 900 up-to-date, independent and cost-effective reports. Intratec studies can be purchased online at the Intratec website via credit cards.

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