Interstate Capital Releases Invoice Factoring Risk Assessment Guide

Small businesses exploring the idea of improving cash flow via factoring can determine if it's the right choice with ease.

Interstate Capital Releases Invoice Factoring Risk Assessment Guide

Interstate Capital, the leading invoice factoring company in North America, has recently added to its collection of free educational materials for small-business owners. The series focuses on things that matter most to small businesses and covers everything from business management tips through methods to improve cash flow.

The latest addition, “How to Assess the Risk of Using Factoring for Your Small Business,” breaks down the pros and cons of invoice factoring, while offering a balanced look at which types of companies benefit most from the practice and what to remember before getting started with it. The guide, along with dozens of other helpful works, is available exclusively at

“Banks don’t help about half of the people who try to get funding,” says Sarah Williams, VP of Business Development at Interstate Capital. “That’s a real problem for small businesses because an unexpected challenge, such as broken equipment or having customers pay slowly, can stop operations altogether when there isn’t cash on hand.”

Invoice factoring is a common solution when bank funding doesn’t work out. The process involves selling invoices for work already completed to a third party, known as a factoring company. The factoring company then gives the business payment for the invoices right away, instead of waiting 60-90 days for clients to pay, and then handles collecting payment for the business. However, some small-business owners worry that it’s a risky solution.

In reality, Invoice Factoring can be highly beneficial for small businesses dealing with cash flow issues and can ensure that unforeseen issues don’t derail operations. Interstate Capital recommends that small-business owners spend some time getting to know their own numbers. As the guide explains, “You should evaluate what you’re currently spending on invoicing and collections as well as what you’re losing by not having customers pay in a timely manner and not having a cushion of capital to fall back on.”

Businesses interested in assessing the risk of factoring can view the full guide online or learn more about how the process works by downloading a comprehensive invoice factoring guide at

About Interstate Capital:

Interstate Capital purchases nearly $1 billion in invoices annually. Established in 1993, the company has successfully funded more than 10,000 growing companies throughout the United States and Canada, speeding up cash flow and improving profitability. Interstate Capital is a division of Triumph Business Capital.

Interstate Capital is presently accepting applications from B2B providers. Those who would like to speed up their client payments are urged to visit for a free quote today.

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