Interstate Capital Releases Business Owner's Guide to 'Net 30' Terms

Businesses struggling with cash flow issues may benefit from switching to Net 30 invoicing terms, but it's not the best solution for all.

Interstate Capital Releases Business Owner's Guide to "Net 30" Terms

  Interstate Capital, North America’s leading invoice factoring company, announced the release of its latest guide for business owners. The newest addition, entitled “How Can I Tell if Net 30 is Right for My Business?” walks entrepreneurs through the common invoicing term, demystifies the concept, and makes it easier to pinpoint if Net 30 is the ideal way to increase cash flow for any given company. The full piece is now available at

The piece is part of a growing library designed to help small and midsized business owners overcome some of their greatest challenges. Those who visit the Factoring Journal will not only learn how to cope with cash flow struggles through methods like Net 30 factoring, but will also gain valuable insights on how to improve processes, boost profits, and spur growth in a number of ways.

“Business owners often go with the status quo or use default settings on their invoicing software, thinking it’s for the best,” said Sarah Williams, VP of Business Development at Interstate Capital. “They might not even realize their current billing procedures aren’t effective until they come up with a cash flow shortage. By evaluating their processes and making minor adjustments, cash flow issues can sometimes be totally eliminated, giving the business owner room to breathe and the company greater opportunity for growth.”

Establishing strong invoicing practices and customizing the terms based on the industry, clients, and business needs is a simple and effective way to ensure all parties involved thrive. Using the Net 30 policy, or requiring customers to pay within 30 days of being invoiced, is one method that can improve cash flow, but Williams says it isn’t ideal for every situation.

“Sometimes, moving to Net 30 payment terms doesn’t get cash in hand quickly enough,” explained Williams. “Switching policies with existing customers can also strain relationships and result in loss of business. When business owners express these kinds of concerns, we usually recommend they explore invoice factoring.”

Invoice factoring allows businesses to sell their unpaid invoices to a third party, which then pays the business immediately. Payments can be processed in as little as 24 hours, giving business owners access to their cash faster without making waves with customers. Those interested in exploring invoice factoring can learn more about the process and get a free rate quote by visiting

About Interstate Capital:

Interstate Capital purchases nearly $1 billion in invoices annually. Established in 1993, the company has successfully funded more than 10,000 growing companies throughout the United States and Canada, speeding up cash flow and improving profitability. Interstate Capital is a division of Triumph Business Capital.

Interstate Capital is presently accepting applications from B2B providers. Those who would like to speed up their client payments are urged to visit for a free quote today.

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