Interstate Capital Account Exec Sheds New Light on the Factoring Industry

Newly-released interview explores the side of invoice factoring consumers rarely see.

Interstate Capital Account Exec Sheds New Light on the Factoring Industry

 Interstate Capital, North America’s leading invoice factoring company, announced today the publication of a new interview that provides insights from an invoice factoring expert with more than 10 years working with small businesses. The piece, “A Day in the Life of a Factoring Account Exec,” centers around the experiences of Mariana Regalado-Guerrero, an account manager at Interstate Capital. It’s available to view in its entirety on

The interview aims to remedy many of the misconceptions small business owners may have about factoring, while providing a high-level overview of how factoring can improve a company’s cash flow.  

Many people think we're a collections agency. But that's not at all what we do. We're helping with cash flow. We offer a collections system so invoices get paid.

Mariana Regalado-Guerrero , Account Manager at Interstate Capital

“Many people think we’re a collections agency,” Regalado-Guerrero said. “But that’s not at all what we do. We’re helping with cash flow. We offer a collections system so invoices get paid.”

She says many of their clients come to them because they’ve tried to get traditional loans and don’t qualify, which is a common concern for small and midsize companies. Her company, Interstate Capital, helps small businesses solve cash flow issues with a process known as invoice factoring. This involves purchasing invoices from their clients for work already performed and providing immediate payment. The factoring company then follows up with the debtor and collects the money owed.

Using this service, business owners keep money rolling in quickly, rather than waiting 60 to 90 days or more for invoices to be paid.

“When a typical company has cash flow issues, business may stall,” she says. “But when trucking companies, for instance, have cash flow issues, they may literally be stuck in the middle of nowhere until they get cash. I can’t put those kinds of things on hold. Making sure they have cash ASAP could be the difference between being stranded and going home to their family.”

Regalado-Guerrero says relationship-building is paramount to her success. She speaks to her clients regularly. When new clients come on board, she is quick to introduce herself and make sure that they understand the invoice factoring process. 

“You get to know them when you work together so much,” she said. “I know their businesses, their families, the names of their kids.”

The full interview gives in-depth coverage to the types of duties she performs, as well as some of the high points and challenges associated with the job. Business owners interested in reading the complete interview or learning more about invoice factoring are encouraged to visit Interstate Capital’s website. Those who are ready to explore their factoring options can also get a free instant rate quote by going to

 About Interstate Capital:

Interstate Capital purchases nearly $1 billion in invoices annually. Established in 1993, the company has successfully funded more than 10,000 growing companies throughout the United States and Canada, speeding up cash flow and improving profitability. Interstate Capital is a division of Triumph Business Capital.

Interstate Capital is presently accepting applications from B2B providers. Those who would like to speed up their client payments are urged to visit for a free quote today.

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