Internationally Renowned Infant and Toddler Educators From Budapest Hungary

This is an exciting opportunity to hear of the work of Dr. Emmi Pikler who thought deeply and carefully about care for very young children. As a gift to our enrolled participants new to The Pikler Approach, The PLUSA Board of Directors is offering a FREE 3-hour introductory workshop on March 6, 2016, 3-6 pm at The Florida Hotel and Conference Center.


Find out from two Pikler experts from Budapest Hungary! - March 7-12, 2016

As executive board member of Pikler USA, Nicole Vigliotti says, "Caring for children is everyone's business. This conference will be of interest to those who have been engaged with babies and their families and want to gain a deeper understanding of their work and observations.

Nicole Vigliotti, Executive Board Member of Pikler USA

After decades of personal research and observation of young children at the Pikler Institute in Budapest, Eszter Mózes and Judit Kelemen will conduct an intensive that will delve into play and cognition of young children. Mózes is a clincical child psychologist and Director of the Loczy Foundation for Children. Kelemen has been a Pikler Pedagogue and Trainer for over 30 years at the Pikler Institute.

 Dr. Mozes and Ms. Keleman have been involved in that on-going research and practice and bring deep knowledge of babies and their world. Registration information is available on our website at

Judit Kelemen and Eszter Mózes will shed light on how the Pikler Approach can provide a deeper understanding of children’s play by providing opportunities for a child to examine the multiple relationships between objects during specific sensorimotor stages of their development. By highlighting the innate abilities of the baby, the benefits of the peaceful free play, and the unnecessary need to directly stimulate or teach a baby how to play, this workshop promotes reflection on the attitudes and roles of the adults toward the activity of young children.

More about Pikler and Dr. Pikler

Dr. Emmi Pikler pioneered the practice of interdependent care and attentive observation of infants and toddlers. After World War II she set up an orphanage for babies that was based on her detailed observations of very young children’s abilities to engage with their environment and caregivers. She continued her research with colleagues at what is now known as the Pikler Institute. She recognized the competence, creativity and ingenuity of these youngest humans by simply watching what they do as they play, socialize and move independently. She encouraged parents and children from the very beginning to develop a mutually respectful relationship that would last through adulthood. Visit our website for more information about Pikler at

More about our Instructors

Eszter Mózes, author, researcher, clinical child psychologist and Director of the Lóczy Foundation for Children, has been working with the Pikler/Lóczy team since 1988. Her areas of special interest and research are early manifestations of sense of humor in the youngest age, and the detailed way in which the adult’s role changes in parallel with the development of the child. She has been working with the Early Intervention Centre in Budapest since 1999. In this area of supporting young children with diverse abilities and their families she finds the Piklerian approach and practice to be of great value.

Judit Kelemen was trained as a healthcare professional and has been working at the Pikler Institute and Pikler Daycare Center for 30 years.  She is a prolific speaker and sought after presenter at national and international conferences. Judit, or as she is lovingly called, Jutka, continues her research as the group leader caregiver with the infants and young children at the Pikler Institute.