International Transport and Logistics Business Gebrüder Weiss on Steady Growth Path With Seven US Locations and 60% More Employees at Close of 2019

Gebrüder Weiss, an international transport and logistics company celebrates job creation with nearly 130 US Employees

Gebrüder Weiss, an international transport and logistics company that established new key market locations in the United States in 2017, closes out 2019 with an impressive 60 percent increase in employment growth at its U.S. locations. Strong consumer spending, solid job growth and wage increases in the U.S. economy are drivers that leadership acknowledges for boosting exponential U.S. market company growth.

Despite cooling economic growth predicted for 2020, Gebrüder Weiss expects to continue its rapid development in the United States with gains in the retail, e-commerce, automotive and high-tech industries.  With U.S. headquarters planted at the center of the country, in Chicago, Gebrüder Weiss is also positioned in key U.S. transport locations including New York, Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Additional U.S. locations in the southeast and southwest regions are being considered for continued U.S. expansion. 

“It is an exciting time to be expanding the world’s oldest transport company,” said Mark McCullough, CEO of Gebrüder Weiss USA. “Our work is no longer just about transporting goods from point ‘A’ to point ‘B.’ We provide custom solutions along the entire supply chain for a business, and every business is different. In addition to warehousing, procurement, and distribution logistics, our dedicated Competence Clusters perform industry-specific demands,” he added.

In the high-tech and automotive industries, traditional freight forwarding services are now integrated with security concepts and technical distribution, including the installation of large electronic equipment and just-in-time deliveries directly to the plant. This service differentiator offered by Gebrüder Weiss is led by a single point of contact for each client, making communication seamless and efficient. 

Globally, Gebrüder Weiss is expected to continue its impressive growth patterns.  With industry changes and new technology developing to help businesses meet the demands of customers across the globe, the history, insight, and ability to adapt is what has kept Gebrüder Weiss an international leader in the logistics industry for more than 500 years. 


About Gebrüder Weiss
Gebrüder Weiss, a global freight forwarder with a core business of overland transport, air and sea freight and logistics, is the world’s oldest transport company with a history that dates back more than 500 years. The family-owned company employs more than 7,100 people worldwide and boasts 150 company-owned locations. The business established a presence in the United States in Chicago in 2017 and has since expanded its North American locations to include Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. Developing and changing with the needs of its customers during its long history, Gebrüder Weiss is also a pioneer in sustainable business practices having implemented myriad ecological, economic and social initiatives.  The company’s voyage into North America, along with its continuous growth, illustrates the need for highly experienced providers of global solutions through an international network of supply chain experts. Customized solutions with a single point of contact, provide customers with an exceptional service experience focused on responsible and economical solutions.

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