Internal Medicine Physician Launches FoodTherapyMD

New Online Community Educates Public on Plant-Based Nutritional Protocols


Stacy Mitchell Doyle, MD, a UCLA-trained, board-certified, internal medicine physician with nearly 20 years in private practice, has launched a new online community, FoodTherapyMD. This web-based educational resource is designed to help patients improve their overall health through evidence-based, plant-centric nutrition education. Many who suffer from chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, strokes, as well as those with a cancer diagnosis, are looking for complementary and alternative treatments. FoodTherapyMD is a platform that supports this urgent need for a more holistic approach to health.

The brainchild of Dr. Stacy (as she is known by her patients), FoodTherapyMD hatched as an expression of her frustration with a medical system that focuses on treating symptoms rather than causes.

“I witnessed pharmaceutical side-effects like dizziness, weakness, kidney and liver failure impact patients’ overall health dramatically. For example, dizziness from blood pressure medications would lead to a fall, which led to a broken hip and then surgery and then infection, and so on. And the actual cause of the high blood pressure wasn’t even addressed. I thought, this is madness! There has to be a better way to heal and treat patients,” stated Dr. Stacy. “This experience, and one with a patient I was treating for a failing liver, who was ultimately removed from the transplant list after working with a nutritionist on a plant-based diet, were the tipping point for my pursuit of an alternative to pharmaceutical-driven healthcare.”

Armed with a desire to treat the underlying inflammatory cause of disease and not just symptoms, Dr. Stacy focused on ways to utilize plant-based nutrition to improve health and longevity for patients. Just as doctors prescribe drugs for specific illnesses, a nutritional prescription should carry the same specificity, but without the side effects experienced through pharmaceuticals.

“Medical education in the United States supports a growing dependency on pharmaceuticals to treat illness. These corporate influences start the very first day of medical school, and while pharmaceuticals may have a place in treatment, they should never be the first or only tool in a physicians’ tool kit,” stated Dr. Stacy. “Physicians are not trained in the relationship between food and health and the opportunity to use nutrition to prevent illness and even reverse disease. FoodTherapyMD is my solution to offering a sustainable path to health using evidence-based nutritional medicine,” she added.

Plant foods contain thousands of compounds that have been shown to both prevent illness and reverse disease. Dr. Stacy began to treat her patients using plant-based nutritional protocols that focused on the inflammatory basis of disease combined with the healing, anti-inflammatory properties of whole plant foods. Her patients’ results have been remarkable.

FoodTherapyMD recommends that you consult with your physician before discontinuing any drugs and treatments. People interested in making nutritional decisions for long-term health goals as well as those currently suffering from chronic illness are invited to visit to find out more about treating disease with food and nutrition. You can also connect with Dr. Stacy at FoodTherapyMD through popular social media channels and engage in chats and ongoing conversations.


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After training and residency at UCLA Medical Center, Dr. Stacy Mitchell Doyle, M.D. developed a private practice in Los Angeles. She is board certified in Internal Medicine and has recently turned to food as medicine. Spending nearly two decades serving patients, she realizes that true health starts with diet, not symptom-treating prescriptions. Dr. Stacy runs FoodTherapyMD, an online patient care and education center that discusses food-as-medicine treatments for chronic diseases and promotes true health.

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