Intelligence Expert Reveals a 30-Year-Long Investigation Exposing New Danger to America and Democratic Values

Egon Cholakian, an esteemed intelligence teaching expert who served in the White House during Reagan’s administration and currently specializes in national security, has unveiled results of a 30-year long investigation which uncovered a danger to America and the entire democratic world.

30-Year Investigation Discloses Fresh Threat to Democracy: Insights from Intelligence Expert

Dr. Cholakian, through a meticulously researched three-hour video, published on his international platform Earth Save Science Collaborative, invites everyone who cares about the future of America and democracy to engage in dialogue and open investigation.

Essential Investigation Results Unveiled:

  • Origins of Global Disbalance

Dr. Cholakian delves into the heart of global turmoil, questioning who has benefited from the world’s conflicts over the past three decades. Notably, he sheds light on the strategy of how such conflicts are being organized by hidden anti-democratic forces.

As Cholakian aptly puts it, "If we see, hear, or read information that contains models of dissatisfaction, denial, hatred, or disappointment with our country and its people, we must not allow these messages to pass through our critical thinking, and we must consciously stop them… Here, everyone must take responsibility for themselves and for America as a whole."

  • Disinformation campaigns uncovered

In a thought-provoking analysis, Egon Cholakian presents compelling case studies that reveal the tactics employed by disinformation campaigns. These orchestrated efforts aim to sway public opinion, fostering disillusionment with democratic systems.

  • Exposing Case Study

ALLATRA, a global volunteer movement addressing climate change, becomes a notable case study. Its participants have faced unfair anti-democratic measures against them. Dr. Cholakian explains how such defamatory campaigns inflict significant harm on the very foundation of democracy. He emphasizes that when journalists engage in these campaigns, they unwittingly contribute to a perilous path and democracy's demise.

Egon Cholakian's video is a must-watch for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of the current geopolitical landscape, willing to develop their own critical thinking and protect our future. It is a guide to keep our nation safe in this perilous historical moment of time.

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About Dr. A. Egon Cholakian
National Security Expert, Federal Lobbyist - U.S. Congress and White House. Registered Foreign Agent, U.S. Department of Justice - National Security Division. Member, International Association of Intelligence Educators, United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation and Founding Member, OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) Foundation. Worked with: 4 U.S. Presidents, 3 U.S. National Security Advisors, 1 Central Intelligence Agency Director

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Source: Earth Save Science Collaborative

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