Integrated Viral Protection Invests in America's Youth and the Arts

 For 20 years, the Academy of Music of the Paderewski Symphony Orchestra (PaSO) has served the Chicago community by providing musical education to families in the surrounding area. Their mission is to strengthen and develop our community by providing Polish-Americans with a cultural experience that they can actively participate in and be proud of. Music and Polish culture are at the heart of everything they do.

"The exponential growth recently experienced at the Academy of Music of the PaSO, has led to the need for expansion into a new building," says Adam Kamieniak who sits on the PaSO board. "This will allow us to continue serving and meeting the needs of the Polish American community." With this new building, the Academy of Music of the PaSO intends to stand by their mission of using the arts to provide a rich Polish cultural experience. Today begins a two-day radiothon on Radio Polski (FM 92.7) as part of their ongoing efforts to raise the needed $130,000 to complete renovations of the newly purchased building.

Integrated Viral Protection (IVP), PaSO lead sponsor for the radiothon, is committed to safely reopening America. Their biodefense indoor air protection system, created by Monzer Hourani, destroys airborne viruses instantaneously, including COVID-19 (99.999%), influenza and others. To help in their mission of keeping the public safe, IVP will be donating an R1 Unit to the radio station during the radiothon. In the fall, when The Academy of Music of the PaSO opens, IVP will be donating units throughout the school, to continue to provide clean air to all students, staff, and guests.

IVP's Monzer Hourani recognizes and believes in the importance of the arts. Since the start of the pandemic, Mr. Hourani has deployed IVP units to the University of Houston Orchestra for concerts held in their home city of Houston. Hourani has been a guest Conductor for many of these concerts, most recently conducting at the Virtuoso Gala in Houston.

"The only way we re-open America and the Arts is by providing clean air—we all need this in our lives," states Hourani.

About Integrated Viral Protection (IVP)

Integrated Viral Protection Solutions, LP (IVP) was created by Monzer Hourani in April 2020, to respond to the COVID-19 global pandemic and to foster research, development, and deployment of technologies that offer biodefense solutions to mitigate transmission of biological threats in indoor environments. At the heart of this award-winning biodefense design is a proprietary heated mesh that works in conjunction with legacy air filtration found in HVAC systems. The resulting suite of products will offer proven in-line mitigation for the airborne transmission of COVID-19 indoors. This technology has been recognized by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers as a top innovation of 2020 for fighting COVID-19.

The Biodefense Indoor Air Protection System is first line prevention technology against environmentally (airborne) mediated transmission of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). The heated biodefense filter can be retrofitted into commercial and home HVAC systems and/or deployed as a mobile unit equipped with powerful filtration capability. For more information, please visit

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