Integrated Viral Protection and National Home Expert Caroline Blazovsky Collaborate to Eliminate COVID-19 in U.S. Homes


National Healthy Home Expert and CEO of My Healthy Home, Caroline Blazovsky, has partnered with Integrated Viral Protection (IVP) as a distributor of their family of air-purification devices. IVP has emerged as the future of air filtration with a biodefense air protection system, scientifically proven to destroy COVID-19, Anthrax, and other pathogens with an effectiveness rate of 99.999%. Founded by Monzer Hourani, IVP houses the only devices on the market with the ability to instantaneously "catch and kill" these viruses in one single pass without affecting the ambient air.

Blazovsky is nationally recognized as America's Healthy Home Expert®. She is an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) professional, spokesperson and media personality for healthy homes. She is constantly seeking new technologies that will make homes healthier without any side effects. She is known for promoting cleaner indoor air quality and recognizes that IVP's advancements in technology will help protect homes and families from viruses of all kinds.

"Many products make claims, but we need to know an air purification system really works in real time application," says Blazovsky. "IVP has given us that data. We can make people safe in their homes again."

Blazovsky founded the company My Healthy Home® in 2002 when she recognized the need for better air quality in residential environments. She will be adding IVP to her company's product line to ensure homeowners are getting the proper technologies to fight COVID-19 in their homes. Blazovsky has been featured by many platforms, including Forbes, Miami Herald, Shape Magazine, The Jenny McCarthy Show, Martha Stewart, House Smarts TV, Ronald Hoffman M.D., SiriusXM, and Reader's Digest, as well as countless podcasts, radio, and print interviews. IVP and Blazovsky were recently featured at this year's IAQA 2021 Global Annual Meeting and Expo.

By distributing IVP's family of devices, Blazovsky hopes to show homeowners how to regain safety in their living and workspaces and resume normal activities again.

IVP uses an FDA approved, patent-pending heated filter technology that is proven to kill airborne pathogens instantly. The technology is currently deployed in multiple mobile units of various sizes, or it can be installed into existing HVAC systems. The newest release, the T1 Travel Unit, is a personal, portable device perfect for homes, offices, airplanes, and more, offering a purification system that eliminates COVID-19 and other pathogens in one pass. The Travel Unit is only 10" h x 8" w, providing protection without taking up too much space.

"It offers a very innovative look and can modernize any home while also protecting all the occupants from dangerous contaminants like a virus," says Blazovsky.

To control COVID-19 transmission, Blazovsky also recommends controlling humidity in a space between 30-50% and using low-VOC disinfection products in the home. She is available as a media expert for healthy home education.

For cleaner air today, check out IVP's products:

Caroline Blazovsky

Source: Integrated Viral Protection

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