Integrated Endpoints Releases New Automotive Payment Calculation Service

Integrated Endpoints

Integrated Endpoint Solutions, LLC, a company specializing in automotive tax solutions, announced today the release of their payment calculation service, QuoteEndPoints. QuoteEndPoints is a web API that can calculate payments for all 50 states for finance, lease, one pay lease, cash and balloon deals.

At its core, the service works hand in hand with their tax service, TaxEndPoints, and contains all of the business logic needed to support payment calculations with taxes whether customer locations are in-state or out-of-state. It can be used to support consumer facing, point-of-sale, or back office systems.

On top of that, the service provides additional features that make it more than just a payment calculator. It supports the ability to target desired payments for finance, lease, balloon, and cash out-of-pocket for leasing. The consuming application can further customize these targets in a number of ways based on consumer’s needs while locking in dealer profits. Additionally, lender limits such as max advance and guard rail minimums like minimum reserve can be enabled when calculations are driven by lender requirements and need to adhere to certain business rules.

When asked about it, Robert Vazquez, co-founder of Integrated Endpoints said, “We decided to create QuoteEndPoints because we recognized a need in the industry for a highly performant and scalable payment calculation service.” He further explained, “There just wasn’t anything in the market that was flexible enough to provide consistent and accurate payments in all workflows throughout the automotive sales funnel. We set out to change that.”

With more than fifty years combined experience at S&P 500 corporations in the automotive and banking sectors, the founders of Integrated Endpoint Solutions, LLC are industry leaders who thoroughly understand the issues that come with providing compliant, fast, and secure services.

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