Integrated Endpoint Solutions and Autodata Solutions Announce Strategic Alliance to Provide Turnkey Data and Calculation Microservices

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Integrated Endpoint Solutions, LLC, a company specializing in automotive tax and payment calculation services, announced today a strategic alliance with Autodata Solutions, a leading provider of automotive technology and data solutions.

The two companies are the first in the industry to offer data, tax compliance and payment calculation microservices that can be licensed to automotive professionals a la carte or bundled. This collaboration will provide customers with the most timely and accurate incentives data, powered by the ChromeData Lender Desk service offered by Autodata Solutions, paired with the fastest, most accurate tax and payment calculations on the market.

“Through integration with the ChromeData Lender Desk service, we can offer a turnkey solution for automotive software vendors looking to focus on the user experience while ensuring compliance and feature-rich, robust calculations,” said Robert Vazquez, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Integrated Endpoint Solutions. “And that’s not just for existing companies looking to integrate the best services. We can also help new, emerging companies enter the automotive lease and retailing space faster this way.”

ChromeData Lender Desk is a powerful web service that provides zip code-level rebate and incentive offers, including targeted programs and stackability rules, directly from captive finance sources and select non-captive lenders – all based on varying credit tiers and geography.

“Obtaining timely and accurate rates, residuals, rebates and incentives continues to be a challenge for partners across the industry,” said Craig Jennings, President of the Autodata Solutions Division of J.D. Power. “Dealers need to be able to accurately market, price and desk their vehicles both in-store and online. Our combined proprietary tools can simplify the entire process.”

About the Autodata Solutions Division of J.D. Power

Autodata Solutions is the industry-leading provider of vehicle data and content, technology and inventory merchandising solutions that power the digital automotive ecosystem. For three decades, Autodata Solutions has been a trusted and proven partner to the automotive industry — providing a broad suite of solutions for OEMs, dealerships, online portals, financial institutions and insurance providers. Now a division of J.D. Power, the complementary companies have joined forces to strengthen the industry’s ability to forecast consumer demand and improve vehicle sales processes. For more information visit

About Integrated Endpoint Solutions

With more than 55 years of combined experience in the automotive sector, the founders of Integrated Endpoint Solutions are recognized industry leaders who thoroughly understand the issues dealerships and software vendors face. It was this understanding that drove the development of the industry’s fastest, most accurate tax and payment calculation microservices. For more information, please visit

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