Instep Management Group Expands Territories!

Instep Management Group's Director of Operations discussed the firm's expansion into Florida and the team member leading the charge. She also highlighted a few benefits of tracking accomplishments on the job.

There’s plenty of excitement around the Instep Management Group office, as an expansion effort into Florida is well underway. Stacy, the firm’s Director of Operations, explained that assistant manager Jamaal is leading this venture. She added that Jamaal is one of the hardest workers the company has ever known. The Director is confident that this expansion will deliver even bigger wins for the firm’s national service partners.

Along with major benefits for the telecom services providers represented by Instep Management Group, the Florida expansion promises advancement opportunities for current team members. The Director noted that ongoing improvement is a hallmark of the company culture, so entering new markets is second nature to members of Team Instep Management Group. These individuals will be staking their claims to leading the next expansion as they make the most of what Florida has to offer.

Opening another new market also enhances the company’s reputation as a fast-growing leader in the customer acquisition industry. Already known for innovative outreach campaigns, Stacy explained that forging into new territories confirms that Instep Management Group isn’t satisfied with the status quo even in the best of times.

Instep Management Group’s Director of Operations on the Value of Tracking Career Wins

One reason Jamaal was chosen to lead the Florida expansion is his commitment to cataloging achievements. Stacy noted that he was ready for a major assignment like this because he’s worked his way up through consistent hard work. Every time he went beyond expectations, Jamaal recorded it to make himself even more promotable.

Keeping a handwritten journal is probably the best way to track career wins, according to Stacy. She explained that seeing the date and key details of every achievement in writing are especially inspiring. With each milestone that gets written down, there’s a bit more motivation to fill in the next page.

Stacy added that constant résumé updates are also good ways to monitor career progress. Along with the fact that adding to a résumé gives a person another chance to write out his or her achievements, an up-to-date CV ensures that a strong case can be made when promotions become available. Maintaining an online portfolio can be considered a good backup for a frequently updated résumé.

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Instep Management Group connects with customers on behalf of industry-leading TV, internet, and phone providers. As a trusted partner, the firm’s professional brand advocates create customized packages that align with virtually any in-home entertainment need. Working on the belief that a knowledgeable team is most effective when it comes to building awareness for their partners, Instep Management Group invests in providing their motivated brand advocates with the precise training and tools they need to drive market growth. Their experience and real-time approach give way to accelerated customer acquisition rates and lasting success. See how they’re creating industry impact by visiting them at

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