Instep Management Group Adds Talent to Culture of Growth

The Managing Director of Instep Management Group detailed the entry-level positions and internships available with the firm. She also outlined the company’s culture that encourages professional growth.

As the firm continues to grow, Instep Management Group has a few openings for new college graduates and interns. Stacy, the company’s Managing Partner, explained, “We’re looking for business-minded people who are ready to get their careers off to great starts. This summer is going to be another season of growth for Instep Management Group, which is why we’re excited to add more talent to the mix.”

A comprehensive training program is one of the best perks offered by Instep Management Group. The Managing Director added, “We use a hands-on approach that challenges new hires to advance their skills in marketing, public relations, and event management. As we give people the chance to work in all different phases of our operations, we help them build self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment.” Entry-level hires and interns alike get to interact with customers and work closely with the firm’s management team.

There are a few specific qualities Stacy looks for in any addition to Team Instep Management Group. She commented, “We want to identify candidates with outstanding communication skills and the ability to work in a team environment. It’s also important that anyone who works in our office can prioritize tasks and is detail-oriented enough to follow up on key projects. Positivity is one of our core values, so we also look for enthusiastic attitudes.”  

Instep Management Group’s Managing Director Details Culture of Advancement

Stacy elaborated on the culture of growth that has been established for Instep Management Group associates. She stated, “Clear paths to advancement greet every new addition to our team. We provide ongoing training to make higher levels of achievement distinct possibilities. Basically, we want to equip every team member with the tools to be as successful as he or she wants to be.” The fact that promotions within the company are based on merit, not politics or seniority, makes this pathway to management even clearer.

Along with continuing education in a variety of formats, the firm’s associates take advantage of travel opportunities to solidify their knowledge of everything from human resources to engaging customers. “There are frequent seminars and internal trainings within the Instep Management Group office,” the Managing Director said. “We expand on these programs by venturing out to all types of industry events. At conferences, networking functions, and other gatherings, our people get to learn best practices and add to their contact lists. They return to the office freshly motivated to hit the targets they set with the help of their coaches.”

About Instep Management Group:

Instep Management Group is the region’s leader in marketing and consulting services. The firm’s team members are creative and talented, keeping the companies they represent a step ahead of the competition. Their outreach solutions quickly compel consumer action to maximize investment returns. By staying abreast of the latest developments in sales and marketing, and supporting each other’s progress, the team remains at the top of the field. Their passion permeates every campaign. The firm’s portfolio has grown consistently as a result. Find out what the group is doing now by visiting​



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