Instant jewelry and watch repair, now a possibility with

Gold Rush Jewelers located in Petaluma CA, San Rafael CA and petaluma Park CA specialize in jewelry repair and watch repair that is done within 30 minutes for most repairs, with certified employees. are famous for their excellent cus

The history of human race is a long one and so is the history of jewelry; Jewelry were present in every culture and lots of bloody wars were fought for jewelry. One important practice that has a history even longer than jewelry is time keeping, it was present from the days of man's earliest history. Jewelry and watches have not only had a long history but also remains to be a symbol of prosperity for people all around the world.

Because of the tradition associated, jewelry repair and watch repair has its own history and is always considered to be a business where customer service is at its peak. Every jewelry and watch that comes for repair has its own importance and good repairing companies know what it means to a customer. Jewelry repair and watch repair should not only be handled with precision but also be delicate as every watch or jewelry is unique in some way or other.

Jewelry repair and watch repair are done in various shops in and around Marin & Sonoma County. However, there are only a few shops that live up to the customer's expectation. Customers these days do not like to spend time waiting for the repair to be done and are always skeptical about the credibility of the shop since most of the jewelry and watches are heavily priced. Lots of the shops take at least a day for Jewelry repair and watch repair , which leaves a bad impression on these shops.

In contradiction to this, there are few quality shops that not only live up to the customer's expectation but also deliver the Jewelry and watches very fast. One among them is ( ) who deliver the repaired Jewelry and watches in just 30 minutes!
Gold Rush Jewelers have 3 stores located int Petaluma CA, San Rafael CA and petaluma Park CA. , the website associated to Gold Rush Jewelers is not any other website that just has information about the company, but also has extensive information about the repairs that are done, the core values of the shop and even has a family picture of the shop's owner. The jewelry repairs are done by certified gemologist and almost all the repairs are done within 30 minutes. Since it only takes 30 minutes for most repairs (jewelry repair or watch repair), the customers are extremely delighted to walkout with a quality repair done on their jewelry and watches. Some of the other popular services offered by Gold Rush Jewelers are engraving on the jewelry, which is done the same day. They also have the largest Bridal jewelery selection in the North Bay.
Because of these great qualities and their passion to serve each and every customer, stands out from the rest of the shops and is rapidly growing each and every day!