Innovecs White Paper Keeps Gamers Up-to-Date With Leading Trends

Innovecs white paper

Innovecs, a cloud-based software development company with R&D centers in Kiev, Ukraine, announced today the release of a new white paper that highlights the latest trends in game development and outsourcing. Mentioned topics include modern game dev technologies, 3D graphics, pixel art, popular game development tools and game dev outsourcing. Additionally, it brings up company's advantages in gaming field and advises on the right way of choosing a game dev vendor.

Anastasiia Shchukina, Art Director at Innovecs Gaming, is the expert with 10 years of expertise in the field of game style development from the stage of pre-production to the final polishing. She defines the future of gaming industry as remarkable and prominent, while her statement is supported by today’s rapid growth of mobile gaming and VR popularity. The white paper covers the way gaming market evolves, provides with the statistics of the game development growth and unveils the areas of greatest potential for those, who want to start and succeed in the gaming field.

It’s not a wonder that now the gaming industry is one of the most actively erupting development fields,” stated Anastasiia. “Despite we still have amazing consoles out there, smartphones and tablets are capturing an increasingly huge industry segment. Moreover, VR gaming also occupies more and more stable positions in the market. Experts predict that VR mobile gaming will boom in popularity soon, and those, who started working in this niche, will find themselves at the top of the industry.

The white paper brings attention to the cross-platform engine Unity, defined as the largest player in the gaming tools market. The universal tool allows to create games of any complexity, whether it’s a simple pixel arcade or sophisticated VR open world. According to the statistics, nowadays Unit surpasses the nearest competitor by 28 percent.

Unity3D is a powerful engine which also provides with numerous built-in tools and software for game development like landscapes, ragdoll, animation, sounds, etc. Such well-known games as Assassin’s Creed: Identity and Deus Ex: The Fall were both developed in Unity.

The white paper covers up-to-date market conditions and converts the knowledge into an engrossing game. Download the whitepaper today to stay in tune with the game dev technological trends.


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Innovecs Gaming is a gaming division of Innovecs, a global technology software development company with offices in San Francisco, New York, London, Bern, Frankfurt and Tel-Aviv with R&D facilities in Ukraine. Innovecs Gaming provides outsourcing of top-notch casino game development expertise delivering unparalleled games, art, and visual effects to advertising agencies and production studios around the globe. To learn more about Innovecs Gaming, visit

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