Innova Research Won Consulting Project to Prompt the Adoption of AI Technologies in Manufacturing

Innova Research won a consulting project to provide strategic advice to prompt the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and their applications in a large number of manufacturing companies in Kunshan city, one of the largest electronics manufacturing bases in China. The project, sponsored by Kunshan municipal government, aimed to exam the current status of the use of AI technologies among manufacturing companies in Kunshan, and to find out the relevant AI technology developers and other innovation resources that are available in Kunshan and nearby cities, such as in Shanghai and major cities in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. Based on these studies, suggestions will be given on how to use the innovation resources, and what government policies should be introduced, to prompt the use of the AI technologies and their applications among manufacturing companies in the city.   

In general, AI technologies are still at their early stages. However, there are some exceptions for AI technologies used in manufacturing scenarios, including but not limited to machine vision and AI-based intelligent inspections for quality control and other purposes, among others.  In the future factories, the adoption of other AI and relevant technologies for manufacturing data mining, collaborative robots and other applications will keep growing, and form the future smart manufacturing landscape together with industry internet, robots and other relevant technologies.

Richard Jun Li, the founder and general manager of Innova Research, commented, “Artificial intelligent technologies will be increasingly adopted in different manufacturing scenarios to upgrade the Chinese manufacturing industries. While AI technologies are still at early stages, the growth potential is large, attributing to the desires to improve the production efficiency and to reduce the production costs among a huge number of manufacturing companies in China. Market opportunities exist for the relevant hardware, software, platform and service suppliers in the industry value chain globally. ”

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Source: Innova Research

About Innova Research

Innova Research is a leading market research and consulting firm specializing in emerging technologies. With a keen focus on advanced materials, renewable energy and environmental technologies, advanced electronics, industry internet and robotics, energy storage, and more, Innova Research provides valuable market intelligence reports, technology scouting, and consulting services. With a team of industry experts and a commitment to delivering cutting-edge insights, Innova Research empowers marketing & strategy, corporate VC, corporate R&D, and VC clients to make informed decisions and thrive in the rapidly changing technology landscape, by leveraging primary research and in-depth analysis.

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