Innova Research Announces Expansion to Canada With Vancouver Office Opening

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Innova Research, a leading market research and technology scouting service provider focusing on emerging technologies, announced the opening of its Vancouver office today. The new facility joins the office in Shanghai, and consolidates Innova Research's presence in North America. The local team will expand service offerings to regional clients, most of whom are from new business development, technology scouting, research & development, or strategy functions of Fortune 500 companies, corporate VCs and other investors, among others.

Innova Research was founded in Shanghai in 2015 by a team of market research experts with solid technical backgrounds and long-term experiences at world-renowned market research companies. The emerging technology fields covered by Innova Research over the past seven years included but not limited to advanced materials such as graphene and carbon nanotube, functional compound materials, platinum group metal (PGM) related catalytic technologies, 3D printing, solid-state battery, hydrogen, carbon capture, utilization & storage (CCUS), advanced solar technologies and water, air treatment technologies, among many others.

Richard Jun Li, Founder and General Manager at Innova Research commented, "Over the past seven years, Innova Research has built up a sound reputation to help clients to understand the technology evolution, market growth, and new application trends in the emerging technology fields, as well as to search for investment and technology partnerships with start-ups, leading professors, among other technology developers, both in China and globally. We are excited to open our new Canadian office, which will enable us to quickly response to our clients' research needs in the North America region."

About Innova Research

Innova Research is a market research and consulting firm focusing on emerging technologies. With the combination of both technology and market research experts, we offer world-class market and technology intelligences. Driven by primary research, Innova Research's market intelligence reports and consulting service help our clients to make right strategic and investment decisions in the fast-changing technology world. Visit for more information.

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About Innova Research

Innova Research is a leading market research and consulting firm specializing in emerging technologies. With a keen focus on advanced materials, renewable energy and environmental technologies, advanced electronics, industry internet and robotics, energy storage, and more, Innova Research provides valuable market intelligence reports, technology scouting, and consulting services. With a team of industry experts and a commitment to delivering cutting-edge insights, Innova Research empowers marketing & strategy, corporate VC, corporate R&D, and VC clients to make informed decisions and thrive in the rapidly changing technology landscape, by leveraging primary research and in-depth analysis.

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