Initiated by Jun Hong Lu, Over 100 Community Organisations Celebrate the Moon Festival and 70th Anniversary of Motherland

Anniversary Gala

​The Australian Arts Festival Organising Committee announced today that the biggest celebration of the Chinese National Day in Sydney, thus far, was held at Hurstville Entertainment Centre on July 14, 2019. The "Multicultural and Chinese Australian Arts Festival & Celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival and the 70th Anniversary of the Motherland" was initiated by Jun Hong Lu, JP, the Vice Chairman of the Australian Arts Festival Organising Committee.

More than 200 dignitaries, including ministers, Chinese community leaders, artists, along with 1,000 participants and over 100 Chinese community organisations, attended the grand event. Part of the series of “Promoting the Chinese Traditional Culture and Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Motherland,” this event was the second installment following the one held on April 10.

The event was organised by the Australian Arts Festival Organising Committee and the World Cultural Exchanges Association, in collaboration with over 100 community organisations in Sydney; it was subsequently executed by the Australian Oriental Media Group. The NSW Minister for Skills and Tertiary Education, Dr. Geoff Lee (representing John Sidoti, NSW Minister for Multiculturalism), Leader of the Opposition, Jodi McKay, and Chairman of Multicultural NSW, Dr. Hari Harinath, all praised the event for showcasing the 5,000-year-old Chinese traditional culture and promoting cultural exchanges between China and Australia. Several mayors, councilors, Chinese community leaders, and artists sent best wishes to mark the 70th anniversary of the motherland, including the well-known Chinese community leader, Huang Qinghui; Convener of the Federation of Australia Chinese Cultural Associations, Dr. Henry He; Jun Hong Lu, JP; Chen Zhonghe; and Chen Yuming.

The evening gala featured performances from famous singers, such as Yu Xiaojuan, Du Lei, David Lee and Anthea Chai. Their rendition of popular songs, such as “I Love My Motherland”, “On The Field Of Hope”, and “My Heart Will Go On,” took the audience into a melancholy realm, followed by the performance of classical Chinese opera pieces by Hong Fei of Australia’s Peking Opera Institute, Wu Yan of the Beijing Youth Association, Qin Zhu of Sydney Shanghai Opera Troupe, and Li Taotao of Jiangsu Community Society Association. Poetry recitations by Li Jiang, Greg, Li Pu, Jing Hua and Lawrence mesmerised the audience, paving the way for world-famous musical performer Scott Irwin’s emotional and ethereal delivery of “This is the Moment” and “Bring Him Home”.

The president of this event’s organising committee, Huang Qinghui, along with the famous artists, Chen Mingyu, Wang He, Tan Wenhua, Wang Cunde, Xiong Dadi, Chen Xiuying and Wang Yongde, produced calligraphy works and made Chinese knots on-site for a charity auction. Chairman of the World Federation of Multicultural Associations, Marcus Khan, and Managing Director of World Diabetes International, Lina Luo, made donations of $2,000 AUD and $1,000 AUD, respectively, to the Chinese Parents Association-Children with Disabilities Inc.

This event not only encompassed an acoustic and visual feast but also celebrated our cohesive multicultural society and the upcoming anniversary of the motherland. 

Source: Australia Oriental Media Group