Influicity Releases Trending Influencers, Real-Time Hotlist of 3 Million Influencers

Popular influencer marketing platform has launched Trending Influencers, a new product giving advertisers access to millions of influencers across dozens of categories, who are trending in real-time.

​​​​​​​​​​​Influencer marketing platform Influicity has released an advanced search product called Trending Influencers, providing clients with access to an endless stream of content creators who are trending in real-time. Trending Influencers segments influencers by category - such as fashion, food, or automotive - and allows clients to browse through large lists along with a deep level of supporting data. The product launched to Influicity's clients - marketers and ad agencies - on March 16.

"One of the most common frustrations we hear from customers is the ability to find fresh influencers," explains Jonathan Davids, Founder & CEO of Influicity. "Most are searching YouTube, browsing Instagram, and hunting for lists of bloggers. It's really a hodgepodge of makeshift solutions. Trending Influencers makes the whole process that much simpler."

One of the most common frustrations we hear from customers is the ability to find fresh influencers. We've solved that problem.

Jonathan Davids, CEO, Influicity

Trending Influencers is a constantly updating stream, meaning that the search results found one day under the food category, may be quite different the next day. The real-time nature is something advertisers covet, since influencer popularity tends to be transient and ever-changing.

Clients of Influicity who are signed to the Advanced or Premium plans, the two highest subscription plans Influicity offers, will automatically see a button for Trending Influencers when they login to their Influicity Hub. All the plans & pricing options can be found here.

In addition to Trending Influencers, clients on Influicity can search influencers by username or by specialized lists that are curated by staff and users across the platform.

The technology behind Influicity's new product, Trending Influencers, was developed over the last year by the company's engineering team. Armed with data access to all the major social networks, combined with Influicity's own data-mining tools, the company was able to develop a method for bringing in massive amounts of influencer analytics and allowing users to search. The company actually had to develop an entirely new way of pulling and sorting data from across the web, to make this product work. 

"There is so much technology under the hood and it's really a testament to our engineering team," says Mr. Davids. "Not only are they breaking new ground in the analytics we can provide on influencers and campaigns, but the sheer amount of data management is unprecedented."

Influicity's platform is used by brands, media buyers, and publishers to build and scale their influencer marketing operations. While many separate tools exist to identify influencers, measure audiences, and provide analytics, Influicity is the industry's first global influencer platform. Clients can catalog their influencers in the Hub, access deep analytics in Profiles, manage everything related to campaigns with pricing and contract tools, and generate real-time reports.