Influicity Launches the Industry's First Audience Analysis Tool Using National Demographics Data, Unlocking New Blocks of Targeting Capabilities

The tool empowers marketers to qualify influencers based on characteristics like occupation, income & citizenship

Audience Analysis tool

Influicity, the leading influencer marketing platform, releases the industry’s first influencer audience analysis tool leveraging national demographics data. Unlocking a new set of influencer audience analytics, the tool enables marketers to take a more targeted approach when partnering with influencers. The audience analysis tool is currently available for Canadian, American and European influencers.

Building on the company’s extensive portfolio of data-driven solutions, the Audience Analysis tool unlocks data including:

•       Ethnicity

•       Household income

•       Occupation

•       Religion

•       Nationality

•       Language

•       Citizenship status

•       Transportation​

Blending these insights with Influicity’s other data offerings, like geography and gender, will dramatically change the way marketers qualify potential influencer partners.

“Marketers constantly demand new levels of insights when choosing their influencer channels,” says Influicity Founder & CEO, Jon Davids. “We are beyond the days of estimating if influencers will reach a target demographic. Our engineering team will continue to build our track record of first-to-market influencer insights.”

Hitting the market in November with Canadian data, and expanding to the US and Europe in December, Influicity’s data science team continues to accumulate international data and tune proprietary algorithms to various countries.

About Influicity

Influicity's marketplace is used by brands, media buyers, and publishers to manage a all aspects of their influencer marketing operations. While many separate tools exist to identify influencers, and provide analytics, and run campaigns, Influicity is the industry's first global influencer buying platform. By combining inventory on 100% of the influencer population, along with a full buying console (i.e. payment processing, contracts, collaboration tools, etc.,) Influicity is enabling brands to scale their influencer activities across the world.

The company has clients in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK.


Source: Influicity