Influicity Empowers Marketers With New Performance Dashboard to Measure Success

Rapidly expanding marketing technology platform introduces its upgraded Performance & Reporting dashboard, enabling marketers to more effectively monitor campaign progress and measure outcome.

Influicity ( is rolling out a newly improved Performance & Reporting dashboard, which enables marketers to monitor the progress of their social influencer campaigns with fresh, continuous analytics. The dashboard includes visual statistics on views, social engagement metrics, and URL click / conversion data. The data can even be integrated with other social media management solutions for more efficient evaluation. Additional functionalities are being developed in the coming months, based on client demand. 

​​Since launching in 2014, Influicity is rapidly becoming the industry standard for influencer marketing, with marketers quickly adopting its platform to search, book, measure and collaborate with influencers across the social landscape.

The groundswell of adoption among top tier brands has really helped us to iterate and improve the platform

Jonathan Davids, CEO

"The groundswell of adoption among top tier brands has really helped us to iterate and improve the platform," explains Jonathan Davids, Founder & CEO of Influicity.

The challenges of influencer selection, pricing, payments, audience targeting, workflow management, and reporting, are too much for marketers to face on their own. Influicity offers a streamlined platform and process that brands can leverage to achieve social scale.​

​Influicity mines the data of over 3 million influencer channels with its proprietary technology, then refines this information and presents it to marketers and ad agencies with the click of a button. With its recent launch of Instagram-specific search and its pricing and profit management dashboard, the influencer exchange has grown rapidly as media companies, ad agencies and global marketers dedicate bigger budgets to social content creators.

Influicity empowers marketers, agencies, and media companies with a platform to search, buy, measure and collaborate with high-reach influencers on YouTube and across the social media universe. The influencer exchange has well over 1 million listings, with powerful tools to streamline and scale your influencer activations. Learn more at