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​​​​The NEW “Yummie Nation” is created by the merger of influencer platform and ad network Foodie Blogroll and the original Yummie Nation, an influencer talent network and food media marketing and event organization. This newly formed, tech enabled platform, is a first of its kind bringing brands, influencer content and consumers together to provide unprecedented outreach and placement opportunities for both brands and influencers in the food space. In 2017 it is poised to launch a consumer facing platform to give home cooks access to their favorite products, personalities and content in ways that range from recipes to home delivery.

Influencer and Native Marketing Platform
Yummie Nation is an innovative company partnering with food and lifestyle influencers to power online advertising and digital media programming. “The Yummie Nation team has created a world-class Influencer and Native marketing platform that is changing how food brands connect with consumers. The integrated nature of what Yummie offers to promote brands and products through authentic messaging from home cooks and professional chefs is changing the landscape.” Dave Winslow, Board Advisor & Investor.

Reach and Influence
Yummie Nation brings thousands of the world’s top Influencers to the table reaching over 30 million online monthly consumers hungry for food content. “Influencer based marketing is one of the most effective advertising tools today, so to have that as our specific discipline and expertise and have access to the audiences of these top personalities, all enabled by our proprietary technology and interactive platform, gives us a unique and very powerful vehicle for brands” said Co-Founder and CMO Beth Peterson.

Proprietary Technology
Yummie Nation creates its own cutting edge proprietary technology. This platform is designed for the express purpose of bringing brands directly to consumers in the most impactful ways, and in numbers far exceeding traditional methods alone. Through email, ad network, influencer content and contextual placement in targeted ways, Yummie Nation is positioned to change the way successful advertising and outreach is done.

One of the true strengths of Yummie Nation is the ability to clearly report the activities generated by a campaign. Analytics are built into all aspects of the platform to provide brands with the essential information needed to determine results and provide accountability. “Through the extensive and in depth statistics that are part of every Yummie Nation program, we are finally giving brands the ability to know the true ROI of a campaign” – co-Founder and CEO Roberto Campus.

Yummie Nation at Home
Yummie Nation will become a one stop shop for food fans. Foodies can find, enjoy and interact with the best bloggers and food influencers in the world 24-7. The platform will include a vetted recipes catalog, meal planning and the integration of online shopping and home delivery of ingredients. Consumers can create their own personalized menu plans from Vegan to Barbeque and have the ingredients delivered right to their door.

​Yummie Nation and its 360 degree solution hits all targets. “We want to bring back some of the “golden age” of food blogging, help home cooks navigate the complicated food landscape and help brands showcase their products for this hungry audience! Everyone wins.” – Jenn Campus co-Founder and Editor in Chief.

About Yummie Nation
​Reaching millions of unique users every month, Yummie Nation is a powerful new platform and content ecosystem uniting influencers, brands and everyday cooks through a common love of food. Dedicated to helping people cook and eat healthier meals at home, our holistic 360 degree solutions aim to address the challenging food landscape: consumers enjoy free recipes, meal plans and cooking tips from top food bloggers; influencers look to us to generate revenue and gain exposure; brands leverage our platform to reach their target audiences.​

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YN is a powerful new platform and content ecosystem uniting influencers, brands and everyday cooks through a common love of food.

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