InDevR Expands Commercial Portfolio for Coronavirus Vaccine Characterization

InDevR, Inc., a life science tools company providing powerful analytical technologies to support the development and production of vaccines and biotherapeutics, announced commercial availability of its VaxArray® Spike Protein Kit and SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Standard for vaccine antigen quantification.

Of the many coronavirus vaccine candidates in development, several are based on either whole virus or recombinant spike-protein. Quantification of the spike protein concentration, or “potency,” at various steps in the manufacturing process is critical for characterizing vaccine performance. Many developers rely on in-house immunoassays for early protein quantification work. To streamline vaccine development, InDevR offers an off-the-shelf VaxArray kit for multiplexed quantification of spike protein based on binding to both mAb CR3022 and ACE2 and a spike protein calibration standard that can be paired with the VaxArray kit or other immunoassays. These new kits complement the already available VaxArray Coronavirus SeroAssay kit, giving vaccine developers a single platform for both clinical efficacy and vaccine potency testing.

“An essential reagent for product quantification by any immunoassay is the calibration standard. Most vaccine developers will create an internal calibration standard that matches the quality characteristics of their product. However, this approach does not allow for comparison of protein content or potency between vaccines. The well-characterized and stabilized full-length spike protein we now offer will serve well as calibration standard in our VaxArray assays as well other spike-protein immunoassays,” said InDevR’s CEO, Dr. Kathy Rowlen. For more information, please visit:


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