InDevR Launches ArrayMax Mixer for Even Faster VaxArray Assay Times

InDevR, Inc., a life science tools company providing powerful analytical technologies to support the development and production of vaccines and biotherapeutics, announced commercial availability of its new ArrayMaxTM Mixer to provide significantly reduced assay times for its VaxArray® Portfolio of immunoassay kits.

Current VaxArray Assays include kits for influenza, coronavirus, measles/rubella, and polio, and provide vaccine manufacturers faster characterization of identity, quantity, and stability parameters during manufacture and release of vaccine products. The ArrayMax Mixer significantly improves mixing over static incubation or traditional orbital shakers during assay execution using either antibody or antigen samples. In internal validation studies comparing ArrayMax to original VaxArray protocols, similar or improved analytical performance was obtained using new ArrayMax-executed VaxArray protocols and up to an 85% reduction of time to result was obtained. 

In a small 6"x 6" footprint, this convenient new tool provides the possibility to generate VaxArray results in a fraction of the time compared to traditional ELISA, providing a total assay time of less than one hour for currently available VaxArray Kits. As an example, the VaxArray Influenza Seasonal HA Assay previously had an approximate 2.5 hour time to result including sample preparation. Using the ArrayMax Mixer, the total assay time was reduced to < 30 minutes, which provides a 5x faster time to result. Coupled with high throughput multiplex detection of several analytes simultaneously, VaxArray allows incredibly fast, best-in-class immunoassay detection of vaccine products or serology analytes. InDevR also offers custom immunoassay kits for measurement of up to nine analytes, and ArrayMax enables all of these measurements in ~1 hour.

Erica Dawson, CTO of InDevR, noted, "Our VaxArray Assay Kits already provide significant advantages over outdated, laborious, and error prone techniques such as SRID, TCID50, and ELISAs. This further reduction in total assay time for the VaxArray Kits will benefit any vaccine development or manufacturer in bioprocess development, optimization and monitoring, as well as vaccine release testing. We are excited to continue empowering vaccine producers by further expanding our portfolio." 


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Source: InDevR, Inc.

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