INDECT's Ultrasonic Technology Remains King for Quick Installation and Minimal Maintenance

​Camera-based sensors are the newest kids in the parking garage and are causing quite a stir with their impressive bells and whistles. However, ultrasonic technology remains king with its unbeaten record in accuracy, reliability and lowest cost of life.

“Ultrasonic sensors have been around since 1981. The technology has been steadily tweaked, refined and perfected until the industry is now seeing it at its peak evolution,” said Dale Fowler, Former President of INDECT USA. “Any bugs have long since been ironed out and these days they are consistently achieving accuracy levels of 99.9%.”

Automotive grade, long-range ultrasonic sensors with ceramic transducers, like those used by INDECT, measure the height of an object to determine its position. According to Fowler, this method of detection is extremely accurate and reliable, and has a lifespan of 15-20 years.

“INDECT has installed more than 61,500 ultrasonic sensors in 62 garages across the nation since they first entered the US market in 2012,” said Fowler.

“Dallas Fort Worth International Airport alone has 17,900 ultrasonic sensors installed in terminals A, D and E.” he said.

Short-range ultrasonic sensors, often manufactured in China, have plastic transducers and use echo location. Although cheaper than long-range ultrasonic sensors, this method of detection is much less accurate and has a lifespan of only 6-8 years.

Camera-based sensors contain an internal processor and use complex algorithms to detect objects, requiring regular software and hardware maintenance to avoid system deterioration. The lifespan of a camera sensor is generally 7-10 years. Ultrasonic sensors on the other hand, have basically zero maintenance. Once installed, garage owners can simply turn the system on and let it run.

“Low maintenance is one of the key criteria often requested by owners with high traffic and high turnover garages. INDECT has installed ultrasonic systems at 13 retail and entertainment sites across the US,” said Fowler.

Although the initial cost of installing an ultrasonic system is greater than a camera-based system, individual parts are easy to replace and a fraction of the cost compared to camera-based components. 

When choosing a sensor for an above ground garage, which is open to the elements it is essential that the sensor is rated IP 65 or greater to protect against temperature shifts, changes in humidity and dust. An IP 65+ rating will ensure that the sensor has ingress protection from condensing moisture.

According to Fowler, this is important because sensors with lower IP ratings can fail quite quickly in outdoor environments resulting in unexpected repair costs, lengthy maintenance delays and customer dissatisfaction.

“Ultrasonic sensors are definitely a favorite with casinos, especially in Las Vegas where temperature and dust can cause significant problems. There are currently nearly 20,000 ultrasonic sensors installed in 11 casinos in Vegas with a further casino under contract,” said Fowler.

Camera-based sensors, such as INDECT’s UPSOLUT, are a great choice for parking owners that would benefit from the additional features such as license plate recognition, video stream capture, fisheye surveillance, premium parking capability and audio alerts. However, for owners that are looking for highly accurate, reliable detection with quick installation and minimal maintenance, long lifespan and full-spectrum dimmable LEDs without the need for additional camera features, then long-range ultrasonic sensors, such as INDECT’s UMS, are the way to go.


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