Des Moines International Airport Improves Parking Experience With New INDECT Parking Guidance System

INDECT USA today announces the successful installation of their premier ultrasonic parking guidance system at Des Moines International Airport, Iowa, with their local partner, The Baker Group.

A total of 1,398 individual sensors and 27 wayfinding signs were installed in the airport’s parking garage. The signs are strategically located at each decision-point in the garage and include easy-to-follow guidance for travelers with disabilities.

LED RGB sensors are located above each parking spot and clearly identify each space as open (green), occupied (red) or handicapped (blue). The sensors are highly reliable and can be individually programmed to accommodate changing parking needs.

“The system at Des Moines International Airport has been expanded to include the counts from the outdoor parking lots. This way, the INDECT system can track availability across the whole airport, not just the garage,” said Dale Fowler, President of INDECT USA.

A huge, 60-inch x 90-inch full-color matrix screen was also installed at the garage entry. This sign not only displays the counts in the garage for each level and user group, it can be used to show advertising or other instructional information to visitors as they enter the garage.

“One of the other interesting things about Des Moines International Airport is that they are taking full advantage of the real-time data and analytics offered by the INDECT system,” said Fowler.

“The Airport is directly feeding the live parking data into their online parking tracker and providing real-time availability across all six parking lots. Travelers can see at a glance how many parking spots are available and whether the lot is still relatively roomy or nearing capacity,” he said.

“We often work with third-party developers to create parking apps that integrate the INDECT system with our client’s parking data, but this time, the Airport took the initiative and built their own … and it’s great!” Fowler enthused.

Since the installation of the full INDECT parking guidance system, the airport has received numerous comments and positive feedback from their customers. Drivers are spending less time searching for available spaces and more time in the terminal.

In addition to enhanced customer satisfaction, increased flexibility and efficiency, and reduced carbon emissions, the INDECT parking guidance system is expected to significantly grow the airport’s parking revenue by increasing parking space usage.

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