Increasing Number of Americans Ordering Pharmaceuticals Online

Seniors 65+ More Likely to Seek Lower Drug Costs by Ordering Medication from Canada

Americans 65 years old and older who are retired are those who likely make up majority of individuals who have difficulty affording prescription medications. Many of these people have been Medicare Part D beneficiaries for years already and finding that expensive out-of-pocket costs for drugs are going even higher. The Biden Administration has made lower consumer drug prices a priority as part of its Build Back Better plan and aiming to allow Medicare to better negotiate drug prices. Consumer costs for some drugs should come down, but Americans that need to cut back on the cost of their medication can now find them at pharmacies like Canada Drugs Direct.

Among this age group, the people most at risk are those on a lower fixed income that take a maintenance dose of a medication as part of ongoing treatment for disease or a debilitating health condition. This can be true whether the person is enrolled in Medicare, although many people who meet these criteria will be enrolled in the program. In worst case scenarios, prescriptions will be abandoned - which is the term used when a prescription is written but not filled. Market research in the past has indicted that about 9% of prescriptions written each year in the US are abandoned.

Pharmacies operating outside of the US may have the means of dispensing medication for less, and often, the medication Americans order from Canada is an even more affordable generic equivalent for the drug. Many of the top prescribed drugs in America will be available in a generic version, and having prescriptions filled with a generic equivalent is one way to save money on drugs. Makers of generic drugs need to prove their drug is as effective as the branded medication for the US FDA to approve it. Health Canada has the same requirements.

Ordering medication from Canada should also be a consideration for anyone who strategizes ways to reduce costs on same-product items to make their drugs more affordable. A US CDC data brief from 2019 indicated the percentage of adults not taking their meds as prescribed - including skipping doses- is around 11% most years. Taking advantage of a Canadian online pharmacy that serves US customers can be an option that removes the need for older Americans to abandon prescriptions or not take their meds as often as they should.

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