Canada Drugs Direct Offers Wegovy, a New FDA-Approved Treatment to Help Overweight Adults

Canada Drugs Direct

Canada Drugs Direct is among online pharmacies in Canada that are set to dispense Wegovy at lower prices. Wegovy is a Type 2 diabetes medication used for blood glucose control that may also promote weight loss for users. Despite Health Canada following the US FDA’s lead and approving Wegovy, it has been a challenge for pharmacies in Canada to source this medication. That has begun to change with recent efforts from Novo Nordisk to increase production of Wegovy to address supply shortages, and the promise of Wegovy being more available in Canada is sure to garner attention from those who want to pay less for it.  

Wegovy may be classed as blood sugar regulation medication, but the fanfare around it these days is entirely because of its potential for weight loss when a person has chronic weight management issues or is more at risk for heart failure or cardiovascular disease because of their excess body weight. Semaglutide is the active pharmacological ingredient in Wegovy and Ozempic, and often when people want to start on these medications it has more to do with their long-term health and longevity as compared to appearance concerns.  

Americans have been able to find discounts on Rx drugs when having their prescriptions filled by Canadian online pharmacies for many years now. But the extent to which people can pay less for Wegovy is on a different level. Four of the 0.25mg/0.5ml Wegovy pens will cost an individual over $1,300 at a US pharmacy and typically these medications are not included in a person’s coverage. Ordering those same four pens from a Canadian pharmacy means they can be assured of paying hundreds of dollars less. 

These potential savings are the biggest of the reasons why greater availability of Wegovy in Canada is newsworthy. It is also a more prominent topic given the way that Wegovy may also be an increasingly realistic alternative to other medications doctors have approved as a weight loss injection. There is much demand for certain ones, and so those who foresee difficulty filling a different prescription may ask for a Wegovy prescription instead and then proceed to have it filled by a Canadian pharmacy.  

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