Increasing Middle Market Business Value Up to Five Times (In One Day) in Metro St. Louis

The Owners Forum is a major event for top lower-to-middle-market business owners to address the economic implications and needs of the large number of transitioning businesses in Metro St. Louis over the next 5 years.

The St. Louis Owners Forum

​​Business owners have a relationship with their business. That relationship has a life cycle. By starting, buying, or owning your business, owners have set themselves on a path. This path is leading them and their business toward eventual, inevitable exit. Sounds basic, but frankly, it isn’t.

Many owners foster lifestyle businesses that require their active participation. Though retirement and distance from the business might sound nice in theory, it is a fact that the majority of owners are not financially or personally independent from the business. Yet, the fact remains that there will come a time (and soon) when the Baby-Boomer-owned businesses in your local marketplace will change hands. Whether that transition is successful is up to the exiting owner. The impact to the local economy is significant. So ask yourself, where is my business in its life cycle? Have I prepared an attractive, ready business with transferable value? What can I do to increase the value of my business?

Exit planning is simply good business strategy. It's not about the end; it's about what you do every day in your business to position it for growth, in both value and income.

Christopher Snider, President & CEO

The Exit Planning Institute™ is bringing the Owners Forum to St. Louis on November 21, 2016 at the Renaissance St. Louis Hotel, to deliver a one-day event that provides awareness and education to major business owners in the Metro St. Louis market that they can use to grow their business and maximize their market value as these business owners approach their professional exit.

As evident in the vast amount of recent research studies, including the State of Owner Readiness™ Survey, the U.S. landscape is set to transition six million businesses over the next 5-10 years. Baby Boomer business owners are reaching retirement at a rapid rate, and these same owners own 66% of all companies in the U.S., it has been indicated that the majority have not accounted for their ultimate exit transition.

This means that they are not prepared and will very likely fall subject to the statistic “only 2 out of 10 businesses that go to market sell” and run the risk of getting a lower price for their business than they need or even worse, won’t sell at all. With 66% of businesses coming to market over the next ten years, the economic implications have never been higher and the need for Baby Boomers to be proactive in their approach is key to seeing these valuable businesses change hands and keep them from closing their doors. This is a nationwide reality and the Owners Forum is an event to provide awareness and resources to those that will ultimately move the landscape of the local and U.S. market.

The Owners Forum is offered by the Exit Planning Institute, the global authority in value acceleration, and led by Jim Maher, CEPA, of Archford Capital and an elite group of expert exit advisors from the local St. Louis market. It is an exclusive event that delivers thought-provoking, honest, action-creating information directly to owners, changing the way business owners think, aiming to ensure the local business market transitions from one generation to the next successfully.

Visit to attend the November 21 event!  Or if you want to learn more about what drives business value, join the free webinar on Monday, October 31 at 12:00 p.m. (ET) with Chris Snider, as he presents: "What Drives Value? 54 Factors That Grow Your Business Value by 3 to 5 times" by clicking here: Register for the free webinar

The Owners Forum is held in major markets, launched in 2015 in both Manhattan and Cleveland. This year, EPI will host multiple forums nationwide, including Las Vegas, Long Island, Manhattan, Southern California, Phoenix, and St. Louis. If you are interested in in attending, please reach out to the Exit Planning Institute at (216) 712-4244 for more information.
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