Increases in the Global Demand for NeuroPhysics Therapy Signal Urgent Need for NeuroPhysics Therapy Practitioners

High Demand For More NeuroPhysics Therapy Practicioners

A faster-paced drum beat of reports on the remarkable health benefits of NeuroPhysics Therapy has noticeably increased global awareness of this mild yet radically effective psychophysical therapy. People with mild to serious health conditions continue to report how quickly they achieve results and the long-lasting lifestyle benefits of the therapy.

NeuroPhysics Therapy (NPT) has been in practice by its Australia-based founder Ken Ware and his colleagues for more than 30 years. NPT is recognized as having assisted large numbers of people to regain control over their physical and mental health and well-being, even after suffering from often-serious long-term chronic conditions that conventional medicine has not been able to treat effectively.

We have a challenge with the high demand for the therapy and the insufficient supply of therapists to meet that demand outside of Australia and New Zealand.

Sara Ross PHD, CEO of Neurotricional Sciences Education

This expanding global awareness of the therapy leads to rising numbers of inquiries coming in from all over the globe, spokesperson for the NeuroPhysics Therapy Institute and CEO of Neurotricional Sciences Education, U.S.-based Sara Nora Ross, Ph.D. confirmed. She said inquiries to participate in the therapy first rose significantly when Ware assisted world-renowned Paralympian John Maclean to begin to walk again in only three days of the therapy. Maclean had been mainly wheelchair-confined for 25 years. Following additional sessions with Ware, he completed an able-bodied triathlon 18 months later. 60 minutes Australia picked up the story in which the spinal cord injury experts hailed Maclean’s walking again as a miracle.

News of the famed paraplegic walking again quickly spread and since then John Maclean’s inspirational book titled ‘How Far Can You Go?’ has further-accelerated the international and domestic inquiries from people wishing to access the therapy.  

“We have a challenge with the high demand for the therapy and the insufficient supply of therapists to meet that demand outside of Australia and New Zealand,” Dr. Ross said. “It’s troubling when this non-invasive, non-medicinal, non-manipulative therapy with an amazing track record should be available to people all over the world, in both developed and less-developed countries, yet we don’t have enough therapists in training to fan across the world to realize the United Nations’ principle of the basic human right to health and well-being. We are convinced of the real contribution Neuro Physics Therapy will make toward realizing that world health goal and believe people everywhere deserve access to it.” That means getting the word out about the NPT therapist education programs is paramount, as is attracting philanthropic interests to sponsor candidates with limited means to enroll in NPT education.

Dr. Ross said that there are unprecedented career opportunities surrounding NeuroPhysics Therapy and she urges those who seek careers in human health services to consider becoming a qualified NeuroPhysics Therapy practitioner and for sponsors and those interested to invest in start-ups of NPT professional settings around the world. NPT education uses best practices in online adult learning combined with in-person training and a practicum period. Interested individuals should visit for more information.  

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Source: NeuroPhysics Therapy Institute and Neurotricional Sciences Education

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