INCENTCO™ Launches Operations Focused Rewards Platform for Students Housing and Multi-Family Industries

INCENTCO™ announced the launch of the first ever rewards platform with a suite of operations focused tools to manage a comprehensive rewards and recognition program for both the student housing and multi-family industries. “This new technology is a game changer,” says Gerry Wiatrowski, Co-Founder of INCENTCO™. “We’ve added two more features to our already robust management module that enables owners/managers unprecedented control over spend and the ability to reassign staff and budgets from within the platform.”

The two new features include the ability to assign various levels of authority enabling program managers to either approve or deny individual or bulk reward requests. The entire reward approval process is managed from within the INCENTCO™ platform eliminating the need for spreadsheets, email requests, etc. The second feature enables managers to reassign staff to different or multiple assets; place employees on ‘hold’ for various types of leave or even lock them out of the program entirely.

“These new features add significantly more financial and administrative control for all program managers,” says Wiatrowski. “Our platform has eliminated the need for physical gift cards enabling residents to be rewarded in ‘real time’ for a host of behaviors and events including move-in and renewal incentives, conflict resolution, referrals, social media likes, reviews and more. With these added operational controls, INCENTCO™ technology truly provides the most comprehensive and advanced rewards platform in the industry.”

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