INCENTCO Launches New Engagement Platform for the Student Housing Industry

INCENTCO LLC, the premier provider of engagement technology to the student housing and multi-family industry, has launched new platform features specifically aimed at residents and employees of student housing companies.

“Our program replaces physical reward cards with an online solution that has proven to be a tremendous success for top-tier student housing providers,” says Gerry Wiatrowski, Co-Founder of INCENTCO. “Our client partners have realized significant savings in both labor and administration while adding an unprecedented level of control. Plus, the ability for residents to choose and receive their reward in real-time has been an engagement game-changer.”

INCENTCO has added several new features to its platform that enable users to get rewards via social media review sites, submit real-time surveys, and provide "mood feedback." There is also a feature that promotes and tracks referrals.

“These new features are just a few of the cutting-edge engagement features we plan to launch this year,” says Wiatrowski. “Higher levels of engagement reduce turnover, increase production and provide the perfect environment for continued success.”

For more information about INCENTCO, or to speak with an executive from the company, please contact Bob Romine at 630-208-1020, or at To learn more about INCENTCO, visit



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